Saturday, 19 March 2011

Holiday Pt.5

Hmmp, hi readers. It will be the last post of my holiday i guess. Holidays is going to play off after today, I should tidy up my mood and then prepare to face the coming-soon-examination. Ok back to the topic, the last activity of my holiday was JSCO concert which held @ Dewan Sri Penang. I went to school to meet up with friends after KKLeong tuition. And then as usual, went to there by bus. This time, we choose KIM GARRY which locate inside Gurney Plaza as dinner. And then we back to Dewan Sri Penang for the concert. We're went back at around 1030 i guess. Have a nice day with friends, I love you guys. XOXO. Ohh ya, I was missed out another point. Yesterday was also a big day for our Idian friends, but so sorry I don't know what day is it. I was snap some photo about it. Some of them still dancing in the middle of the road, they are so cute! *TEEHEE!

#I'm on my way to school. *Thanks mommy to fetch me.
#The guys.

#Kenneth and S/Lynn. What are they doing? Think it yourself HAHA!
 #Credit to a noobie.
#Credit to a pro. Can you figure out the diff? TEEHEE!
#He was staring at Kenneth. HAHA.
 #Dinner time *nom nom*

 #The show is going to start.

 #Me & Sook Ming. She's cute!
 #Me & Cha Cha. Crazy together.HOHO.
 #Me and the beloved one, S/Lynn.
 #HAHA Hason Chew. No doubt.
 #Me and JiaShen while on the way back to school. *Ignore my muscular fugly hand.*
Lastly, it's time to say goodbye to the last day of March holiday and hello school day. Enjoy your stay, bye! XOXO.
Ps:/ Tan Zhen Lin Dont think too much! XO.