Friday, 10 September 2010

Just chop my hair; Opps, my fringe is flat as well .

Kay, I just fall in an insomnia mode tonight and that's why I'm here . I'm grieved seriously madly . You can just put me a side as when where why you want, but neither me . Ohh ya, something is bring to my mind and call attention to me that, ya who am I for ya ? Opps, Just forget it . I didn't get angry on you . And, you too please . I'm confusing why was I always make myself sham for a man . Pheww * do you know these kind of feeling always piss me off and fall myself down ? Not important, ya for somebody .

Asking yourself, tonight who make you miss so much. And, who make yourself become insane tonight when you've been throw into this sleepless night .

Bed time ? Perhaps .

Good night readers .

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I was neglected my bloggy for long time again . Yea due to my lazyness and that's nothing special happen arround me so I just fall my blog into disuse but now I'm here for my readers :)
The holiday is coming but also significance that the PMR monster is around the corner . Okay , this time will be the serious and not more trial . And so , it makes me feel extremely stress . I repent that I was omit my academic for such a long time .Thus , now it makes me so exhausting to catch up those peoples who are get ready to face the monster . * sigh

Fortunately , I'm a genius .

So, what can I plan for my holiday ? No more outing planning .
But I plan to go penang Tomorrow ! Kay , last time .
One more but , I do not know my planning will going smooth or not . Hence, just let it :)

Something that I wanna tell ;
heyy lady . Just self-review . Don't asking the same question always .
The answer is YES , WE'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU ! PRETTY * vomit :)
And , you're annoying me when I see you . Opppsy , I forget that you have lotsa human being to support you all the time but, whatever shit :)

Now is 1:19AM , and also my bed time .
Good night :)