Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hey readers. When you're looking at my title, I bet you're wondering what am I up to, huh? Who's EDDIE? Haha, full of questions in your mind? I'll appease your curiousity, don't worry. I think many of you know who he is but he is not famous in his English name, perhaps. The name of this guy in Mandarin is : 彭于晏. Yea, you catch it now, right?  I've been fascinated by him after I watched Love you you. Not an UTTER NICE movie, but it worth your watch, still. Erm, you can see the pretty view of Malaysia, at least. *grin* 

Here is a lil introduction of him that I searched from wikipedia.

  • Name: 彭于晏 / Peng Yu Yan
  • English name: Eddie Peng
  • Birthdate: 1982-Mar-24
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 182cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Chinese zodiac: Dog
  • Blood type: AB

He's perfect indeed! I mean,especially his outlook! *hehe* 

Can any girls resist these eyes? No, I guess.

 Both of them are GOD-LIKE! 

I should go to there while they're shooting for Love You You! I'll get chance to see'em perhaps :(

Ohh Ohh, I'm faint. 

White Horse Prince? Yes, he is qualified!!!!! 

OMG, he has a perfect NOSE either! 

How wonderful is his gene! How to born an awesome child like this?! Urggh!

You know what, they are compatible indeed. Angelababy x Eddie

Good night. XO

Monday, 24 October 2011

Current life.

Hi readers. Updating of blog again. It's Monday, and also a holiday, officially. Went to sing K with wanyin last night. Kinda HIGH! We were craving for singing. Haha and finally we did it. *Why am I describe like it is a mission impossible?* Ok whatever. Anyway, we just had a good time.  You can listen to some songs that I'd sang last night. *not nice, unless anyone buy me a AUTO TUNE.* Click the link to listen it haha. (That should be me) (A moment like this)
#Sorry that I can't download it.

Today, which is 24th October. I went to Queensbay with Auntie. Shopped around there randomly and bumped into ARRWEN. Woah, how unlucky was me.

Good Night people! XO.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Leisure Days.

Exam's gone and I'm having every-leisure-days to go. HK drama-marathon as a daily activity when I skip school. Kinda enjoy the days like this, than those freaky days when I was struggling for the exam. But, an over leisure day is gaining weight for me. How sad to see my belly's popping out! Urgghh I don't want it ;(

Watched Monte Carlo at the afternoon. Pretty awesome! Uhm, I know I was kinda late to watch it, but seriously, honestly, frankly and believe me! It is really nice. Rate: 4/5 Yes! Go to and search for it. You won't be regret.

By the way, a co-star from the movie looked so damn HOT !! 
Pierre Boulanger, a French. 

End by a song, Welcome to my life-simple plan ;)

Good night people, xoxo.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Happy end of exam.

Hello people. I've been through a couple of weeks for the exam. Finally it was done and now is the time of PARTAYY! I was hang out with my girls to Auto City at Thursday. Pizza Hut -> Shopping time! I was like a crazy ass and got a lot of things in my pocket, Presents, Shoes, Jersey, Lens. *Oppps, I'm absolutely a big shopaholic!*

I'm having serious acne on my face. Can anyone lend me a hand for venting my face? PLEASE! ;(

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Hey readers. We're surrounded by news that came out from Apple Company these few days. Some happy stuff yet some affliction. Yesterday, you woke up with a gay mood, to greet the coming of iPhone 4S with a modern latest app- SIRI. New iPhone look exactly the same with iPhone4 though, but there's still something good for Apple's fans. 

Today, we woke up with a really bad news, worst news. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apples company was passed away. He's a big legend, a genius that should be looked up by everyone in this world. He brought a lot of convenience and entertainment for us. He developed the smart phone operating system. He's gone. R.I.P genius. Thank you for your contribution, we've a lot of joys from you. May god bless you. 

I saw a lot of sharing at Facebook today. People are reluctant to accept the truth that he's gone. So do I. In pace with his death, we found a lot of stories about him. 

Do you know him well while you're using his product?

# He's been adapted
#He's a drug abuser.
#After he quit from school, he went to India for spiritual journey.
#He has been fired by Apple company, but save the company when it is going to bankrupt miraculous.
#The person that earn most respect from Bill Gates.
#Be the cover of TIME magazine for 7 times.
#He's a vegetarian.
#He's Buddhist.
#He kicked a bucket after the releasing of iPhone4s.
#His name is STEVE JOBS.
#He was 56 years old when he passed away.

Don't forget about his effort for keeping us luxurious. He's a legend. 

Lastly, end with a song. Jet Lag-Simple plan. Good night.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Hi everyone. I can finally snatch a moment of leisure and updating my blog with thick dust. *HAAA-QIU*
The first part of the exam was finally play off. I'm having a little free time. Two more days to go, and then is time for me to party! So, friends. Stand by for dating me and all the party time!

Due to the final exam, I've missed out so many movies :(
Don't laugh at me and it is so shame to say that I still haven't watch Johnny English. How out-dated! But anyway, there is still something good to announce. The Vampire Diaries Season3 is finally on-the-show! The intense story beat down the struggling for exam, seriously. I was spending my midnight with the episode 2 and 3.

My mom is planning to Thailand for vacation on the holiday, finally? Oh yeah, I wish this time is true! Make it real please !! I've been jailed in Malaysia since primary school! *SHOCK* Yea, I'm taken aback of myself in the same time. My mom needs new bag, I need new bag, we need new bag so, let the Thailand trip get a spacious success!

Ok, lastly. Share a song with you. A girl-song! The lyrics are exactly tally with every girls' mind!

Good night people, may god bless you all the time. And also belated wish for those PMR candidates, Good luck :)