Saturday, 10 September 2011

1 Malaysia.

Good evening readers. Watched Nasi Lemak 2.0 with family @ megamall just now. And it made my inspiration to blog about our country.

Malaysia, is our country. With a lot of races. And sometimes, with some argument within those races. But after I watched that movie, I felt kinda proud to be a part of Malaysia. We're unique because of our different races, and we're amazing when we have our right position. Malaysia, not advance in tech like USA or the other big country. Yet, we're advance in our toleration. Undeniable that is a lot of racist among us, include me. My toleration is not that advance yet perhaps. A lot of spaces for improvement. For me, for Malaysian.

A very massive advantage to live in Malaysia is the food. All the foods in Malaysia are so fascinating, you just can't refuse'em! That's also the reason why I always failed in my diet plan. Foods are the point of the miscarriage!

#My beloved dish, I can't live without it! - Nasi Lemak

 #What are you thinking when you see this? *thinking*
#Yea, the tasty yummy and cheap meal! - Roti Canai.

Stay in Malaysia, you can have the opportunity to wear various costumes of those races. They might be not fashion, but they symbolize the feature of Malaysia apparently!

Love Malaysia, the only home for us.
Good night, xoxo.
*Photo of long time ago.*

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

An original

Hi good evening everyone. It is kinda weird to see me blogging at the weekdays huh? Haha. No doubt, that's me. To blog, NOW! There's a lot of people keep conjecturing that have I make up? Ok that's probably a good question, but GEE! I'm definitely a plain! I've to say, I put on lenses cause I'm a short-sighted since standard three. I wonder is that a big deal when a myopia people wear lenses. Lol.

It's pure, without lenses.

Besides, I was a make up lover. I WAS. But I AM not anymore. If I've make up, I don't mind you guys keep judging on me. But I mind when I'm not!

No BB cream or foundation !!!!!

Yet, a lot of pimples on the forehead. LOL

Clean smile no cosmetic!

Lastly, still that words. I didn't make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night, have a sweet dream. XO

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Music Life.

Good morning readers. Today is the last day of holiday, kinda reluctant to back school! Currently locate myself in the music ocean. Singing with friends everyday, and make me feel so amazing. That's why I'm blogging today. I gotta take the opportunity to recommend some of the songs to you guys. They're fabulous!

Pumped up kicks-Foster the people. I was in love with this band. They're great! 
I'll be your man-James Blunt. Recommended by Wanyin. Quite a nice song. 
California King bed-Rihanna. I love the rhythm of the song. It heals me.
Move like a jagger-Maroon5 Nice with those melodies. 
I'm into you-Jennifer Lopez ft.Lil Wayne. I've got a Jen fever currently!
I wanna go- Britney Spears Britney always play a nice song!

Enjoy the music people! Have a nice day xo.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

September ON!

Hello readers! It is September. Time flies, no doubt. Just one blink, nine months past. And it also signify that, The huge exam is around the corner. But thank god, Now is the time to party not study! So, please pardon for my depraving!
A song to inroduce, top100 in the billboard! Good life-one republic

Another topic of the day, Happy Birthday to Someone special. Good luck in your SPM. I love you