Saturday, 13 November 2010


Random photo with the new glasses ;)

Just going to update my daily news! :D

#1 I'm going to congrate CKK that FINALLY he get his license. Hehh!

#2 Eventually, I'd cut my long messy fringe. And, I look young now! Pretty awesome.

#3 Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows is going to broadcast on theater next thursday, 18 NOV. Can't wait for it damn seriously!

#4 Mega sales is coming soon, I do believe all the girls are standby to grab any beloved things home!

#5 Two of my dearest's birthday are coming soon hoho!

#6 Ckk is going to face the huge exam monster-SPM, good luck for all form 5 students who will sitting for the test !

#7 Form 4 add math drive me mad! It's hard to imagine the marks of my add math for my high school life! Extremely horror *urggh!

#8 I'm planning what should I buy if I can get a stupendous result for my PMR. Just PLANNING LOL

#9 Erhem, who is using HTC wildlife? My father said he wants to purchase this for me. But I feel so strange to this brand. So I would like to have some instance from my blog readers hehh.

#10 Cough is damn seriously, and it haven't recover yet! I've been tortured by this ! FML

By, momo XOXO