Monday, 15 November 2010

Seoul Garden

Today is Ooi Xia Wen's birthday so we do held a birthday party for her @ Seoul Garden. I was heading to her house at 3o'clock, Assist her to embellish her nail. She's so troublesome! *(Hehh, don't beat me!) After we fetch up soon yee, we're going to ACtiy, Seoul Garden for the birthday party, or we said, Dinner. That's pretty awesome while taking dinner with friends. Talk, Joke, Eat and also what-must-do, Photo Shooting! Hahh! Erhemm, My pix are can't wait for talk! So, do let them tell you hehh
# On the way, hehh!

# The birthday girl with the blog owner.

# Our meal at Seoul Garden.
# The couple.
# The birthday girl.
# YewYew's old people meal *(He said it is to avoid constipation)# HOHO!
# Spot Ah sim!! Hahh.

# I kicked him, yea. I avow it! Hahh!
Have to shut down, because I've get up early tomorrow for morning walk!
Buh-Bye dear readers! XOXO

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