Friday, 5 November 2010


Nothing was done the life after PMR. I was totally no idea what can I do. Entirely out of idea. I'm waiting TanZhenLin and OoiXiaWen back from their journey! Hellow, my dear girlS you two are so fortunate at least you find a way to make use of the shit holiday! *Urggh. And, EeinnTan you faster come back please! I'm f'kin miss you so damn seriously :'(
Erhemm, Webcam for fun! :D
I know I look immensely ridiculous LOL! *Dont judge me with those silly pictures kay! XD
Off to continue my du xin shen tan! Bye Bye :*

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  1. 好的~~我尝试憋着不笑~~~~哈哈哈~~没办法~~太好笑了~~