Tuesday, 21 February 2012


It is already February!! Time flies in one blink. Have done nothing in these months and the EXAM is just around the corner!! Kinda freak me out. But can't convince me to avoid myself from the computer. School days was like NOTHING TO DESCRIBE cause it is boring to death. Homework, lack of sleeping time, getting weight.... A lot of things, negative things!! What worst? LACK OF $$. I'm aiming for a YSL ballet shoes and I MUST GET IT!!! How nice is it right? :(

Short post. Need longer? Not now but soon, xoxo.
Good night.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

No title.

大家 新年快樂。很難得我會用華語啦 有一點不習慣。
所以 大家的新年過得還好嗎?我嫌放假太長了 長得我有時間胡思亂想 不好。
我一直不想讓大家看到 我最軟弱的一面。發生什麽事都好 我一直 堅強的很好。

我真希望從此以後 再也不會放假  再也不會得空 再也不會休息。

Monday, 2 January 2012


It's 2012 !

I've gotta put a halt for the Hatyai post and go for the countdown first! So 12/31 everyone have its own outing for sure. As usual, Auto City be our very first and the last choice. Headed out to Jusco for movie, Darkest Hour. Ok the movie totally no good. I yawned many times inside the theater. A LOT OF TIMES. Those handsome guys inside the movie died one by one and left the weirdo. WHY U NO KEEP HOT GUY :(

OVER-CASUAL LOOK? Haha just get used to it. Makes me feel more comfortable. 

After that we took a little make up @ wanyin's house and xiawen came to join us! WOAH we're complete for the coming of 2012! Reached Auto City and found nothing can do after shop here and there. We spent money to Sing some old K cause they got no new songs!! How upset. But anyway, still fine. Afterwards, we friends all gathered together and shouted " 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR " and I was like a kiddo stood on the board of Hotlinks and everyone were so scared of me. Especially Jared and Khew cause I will squeeze them into juice if I really did fall.

Chilled up at Wanyin's house first. 

At the car, she's still 'renovating' her hair. Hehe. 

Hi, little pony! 

Non-stop cam-whoring haha. 

Outfit of the day. 

 Wanyin's outfit !

Chocolate cream chips! Always my favorite. 

 Stage of the day. Kinda small cause we stood too far!

Best friends forever! From the left : Xiawen, Blogger, Jiashen, Jiachuin, Kenneth and Tsze Phei! 

From the right: TszePhei, Kenneth, Jiachuin, Jiashen.

Me and JiaShen :D

Me and Tyrone!

Khew and Me. 

Kent Feng and the blogger. 

Kent Feng and me again. He was trying to coordinate with my height. 

From the left : Tyrone, Me, Kent Feng. 

They're trying to bully me! ;( New Year want like that meh !

Me and Jared.

Me and Yong zheng. 

What's wrong over there? Haha. 

From the right, Kenneth, Blogger and Zm Tan!

Me and Kenneth!

YamLou Paikhong with the blogger!

Most elegant photo of the year! *EVIL GRIN*

Bumped into a friend who was from the camp we used to go! 

Me and fairy JiaChuin. 

From the left : Me, Jia Chuin, Jia Shen and Paik Hong!

From the left : Yong ern, Paik Hong, Wei Khoon and me in the front!

Boon Sheng with the blogger ;)

Me and Ming chuen.

Wanyin & Kai wen.

Joe with the blogger! My face looked so weird ;(

Don't you think he's too skinny ?! 

The boys! From the left: Alvin, Billy and Aaron. 

#Fireworks! WELCOME 2012 ;D

After countdown, bumped into this half-drunk-guy. Nicholas with Momo!

Hason and me! No more classmate, how sad :(

Joo and me! :D

Alvin with the blogger! 

Wanna imitate as Vampire, but not really work out. *opppsie*

We're super fans of #TVD !!! Can't wait for it ;(

Bully beside the road. WOAH!

JAM JAM JAM JAM JAM. Everywhere was jam like bullshits. But still got home safely and it needs to thank Xiawen's relative for fetching us, xo!

I've a wonderful countdown & very good opening of 2012. How was yours? ;)