Tuesday, 21 December 2010


#Merry christmas :)

Ciao lettori, I'm coming to update my bloggie again, to make sure it wont become a hulk.

Current song: We wish you a merry christmas by disney. And, My currently life was full of nervous and panic. Why? Because PMR result will be announce at 23rd december, who will be not tension?! Just skip that, so christmas was coming soon, what and who will you wish to spend it with? I'll get a unique christmas this year. Hehh! Besides, I wish santa clause will coming to my house because I have losta wishes to tell him.

#1. Can Mr.SantaClause bestow me happiness? I want to be happy all the time, bad mood piss me off seriously.

#2. Can Mr.SantaClause pardon all the boys and girls in jitsin from the interdict of HAIRS? Harassing us always.

I wish santa clause can hear me, hear my petty voice, my tiny wishes.

By, Momo XOXO.

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