Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hola readers, here I come to update my bloggie. Going to update about the day of PMR result annouce! There was a hyper panic day! Let pix rock!
Early in the morning, standby to go to school.

Reached pasar, just a cup of tea to be my breakfast because I'm tension and I can't to eat any foods as well.
Heyy, dont slap me hahh!

After that, me and wen was heading to school but wtf the notice wrote result will be annouce at 12pm, but that time just 10am i guess! So, we're get into the school for photo shooting HAHH!
Chor lo po HAHH!
# Me and wen
#Me and chee
#Me and lin
# Me and yun
Solo, hehh!
Yun and chee, they are bff!
After that, we're going to pasar again. Cause there was really stuffy that rot inside the school and can do noting.
Snap by lin, Street behind the school.

Shadow, guess whose one? Lol.

We are the answer, hehh!

Back to school after that, non-stop nervous!

#Me and yew yew
See, she's rude! *Hahh, dont slap me*

He's cute huh, i wanna be his classmate next year ! But who know he is sc stream or com?
Waiting for my result !
My result, thanks god !
He's completely cute !
Nah, look at this fa chun zai! Hahh!
Then, I was rushing to home and ask my mum go and bought a new phone for me! Hahh, blackberry curve9300 be my brand new pet, hehh!

Bye and good night readers XOXO