Thursday, 6 October 2011


Hey readers. We're surrounded by news that came out from Apple Company these few days. Some happy stuff yet some affliction. Yesterday, you woke up with a gay mood, to greet the coming of iPhone 4S with a modern latest app- SIRI. New iPhone look exactly the same with iPhone4 though, but there's still something good for Apple's fans. 

Today, we woke up with a really bad news, worst news. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apples company was passed away. He's a big legend, a genius that should be looked up by everyone in this world. He brought a lot of convenience and entertainment for us. He developed the smart phone operating system. He's gone. R.I.P genius. Thank you for your contribution, we've a lot of joys from you. May god bless you. 

I saw a lot of sharing at Facebook today. People are reluctant to accept the truth that he's gone. So do I. In pace with his death, we found a lot of stories about him. 

Do you know him well while you're using his product?

# He's been adapted
#He's a drug abuser.
#After he quit from school, he went to India for spiritual journey.
#He has been fired by Apple company, but save the company when it is going to bankrupt miraculous.
#The person that earn most respect from Bill Gates.
#Be the cover of TIME magazine for 7 times.
#He's a vegetarian.
#He's Buddhist.
#He kicked a bucket after the releasing of iPhone4s.
#His name is STEVE JOBS.
#He was 56 years old when he passed away.

Don't forget about his effort for keeping us luxurious. He's a legend. 

Lastly, end with a song. Jet Lag-Simple plan. Good night.


  1. He really is a genius and I believe we all will always remember him! I like your banner, look cute :-)