Saturday, 28 August 2010

Current song : Without you - Mariah Carey ♥

# 08/27
A lovely guest came back from KL ! Okay please claps loudly to welcome back EeInnTan .
But I think she is already going home now LOL
Miss her sososo deeply and madly and so finally she's back ♥
We went to sunway that day and give her huge suprice . I think she is shock about we had arrange for her ! Yuhoooo ~ :D
But firstly , should thanks Lin's mum to fetch us to sunway * Thanks pretty baby chin XD
We did a card for her ! * But i forget to snap it sorry dear readers )':
And , what's going on ? Just let the story speak ! x)
Heeee ;D view my facebook and take a look ! :)!/album.php?aid=28976&id=100000502587287

So gotta leave . Bye :)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hellow earth .
The exam is finally passed and I'm free again ;)
I know I was neglected my blog a very long time and I think all my readers should miss the blog owner very muchy ohh shy * ;P
I have many story to tell but its length will due to my frame of mind ;D
Two weeks ago was our school's caring week .
And , I met up with the love one DarWen and BabeEnn <3
A very memorable day :)

# Me and the sweetheart and you're permit to laugh when you look at those pict XD
# Momo & WanYin

# The lovely guest ♥ # DarWen ♥ # Momo and the beloved KuanYew ;)

A week before exam was MerentasDesa .
Before the day , I was stay at XiaWen's house with bestie Lynn ♥
We went to PasarMalam ; DianXinCheng ; 100Yen ; Mr.DIY ;D
A plenitude day and I love the day like this lotsa :')

Waoooo what I've update is already out of my target .
Please read it all once you start read the article :)
Time to bed ; GoodNight readers ;D
Pee/s : Just upload some of the pict . I'm very lazy now xP
Peee/s : Just make an all-out effort as possible on your trial ; man ♥

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mr . LowChunShen ;
Happy Birthday :)
Wish you all the best and dream comes true
Heeeee ;D

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

nonsense .

Snap when on the way to look for the path :)
My hair look like siao cha bor == none-edited ! :D

As my title . Nothing happen but just feel to update so-called
nonsense :)
Today is the last day of our association . Went to have a sight for the path for merentas desa .
Damn tired .
4Km ! Now I can feel how exhausted are the participants LOL . Moreover , they're prescribe to run ! OMG god bless ==

and ,

Today is our Mr.Sim's birthday :)
Hellow Mr.Sim ;
Happy Beloved Birthday .
Wish you dream come true and get straight As' on your PMR ! ;D

Off ; bye ♥

Monday, 2 August 2010

你腦裝啥阿 媽媽生個腦袋給你想東西的丫
不好意思 雖然我沒有放個 copy right 的 logo 在我部落格
不想當面揭穿你 請你趕快收皮 :)