Friday, 19 November 2010

stay tuned

picture take from facebook, cause using lappy currently hahh!

I'm going to penang bridge marathon tonight or maybe you say, tomorrow morning.
So just wait for my next post yay! Stay tuned. Hehh!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

111810 :)

Today had a date with him at Sunway and Pacific LOL. Heading to sunway first to watch the beloved one, Harry Potter!I'm deeply addicted in this story or novel or movie or whatever shit since I'm in primary school. So I make my possible and watch it as quick as I can Hehh! Ok, it's extremely awesome! Ron and Malfoy still the passion one! Hahh! Afterwards were leaving to pacific for watching Takers. The AJ that strongly recommended by Suchee is really handsome, can't denied. But honestly, I don't know this movie was nice or not. Because half of the time I was taken to sleep! *(What I've to say is, the movie is not stuffy. But I'm sleepy.LOL) Just gotta have a short lovely post. Lastly, Thanks my driver hehh!
I'm fair when I sit beside him, pretty nice huh! Hahh!
He's my driver, only! Hehh!
Just black and white Hahh!
#Disturbance take one LOL
# Disturbance take two *( If you done it again, then you're finish!)
Take with his glasses that gift by me ! Hahh!
He's wearing mine! LOL
Lovely lovely!

Have fun! Bye XOXO

Monday, 15 November 2010


Opps, sorry. He never success to wake me up. Never
Okay, he never cheer me when I'm diet. Never
This is so stupid! Wtf benefit can I get from? LOL
Not everyboy can do so okay? If he don't want to do which means, GIRLF MUST DO!
I think mummy is better than that LOL
Then you better find your father *Ishh!
Okay, again. Not everyboy can do so please.
Don't you think the writer is metamorphosis?
Yea, she is absolutely metamorphosis!
And she also thick-face!
You will become fatty in that two months ok? LOL
Then how about when you sad?
Shut up. Totally out of mind!
But how about when your mummy do so?
Besides, you're squandering your daddy'money LOL
What if his hobby is fighting? LOL
Then why you don't want to hire a guard or what else?
That means you will never success to diet!
HAHA! What you thought your boyf is a robort?
I'm sososo fucking relent your boyf!
Again and again, not every boy can do so !!
Other hand, his lifespan will beocme shorter and shorter.
Sometimes, it was just LIE!
So, before you met your boyf, what are you living for?

Okay, I saw this from internet. Entirely LMAO!

Seoul Garden

Today is Ooi Xia Wen's birthday so we do held a birthday party for her @ Seoul Garden. I was heading to her house at 3o'clock, Assist her to embellish her nail. She's so troublesome! *(Hehh, don't beat me!) After we fetch up soon yee, we're going to ACtiy, Seoul Garden for the birthday party, or we said, Dinner. That's pretty awesome while taking dinner with friends. Talk, Joke, Eat and also what-must-do, Photo Shooting! Hahh! Erhemm, My pix are can't wait for talk! So, do let them tell you hehh
# On the way, hehh!

# The birthday girl with the blog owner.

# Our meal at Seoul Garden.
# The couple.
# The birthday girl.
# YewYew's old people meal *(He said it is to avoid constipation)# HOHO!
# Spot Ah sim!! Hahh.

# I kicked him, yea. I avow it! Hahh!
Have to shut down, because I've get up early tomorrow for morning walk!
Buh-Bye dear readers! XOXO

Sunday, 14 November 2010

birthday II

Succesively wishing, specially for my dear, OoiXiaWen. Happy sweet 5teen birthday! Erhemm, yea, as usual wishes. Wish all your dreams can come true hoho! And, I should also say thank you *(or else it's unfair! Hahh!) Thanks to accompany me no matter what's happen! Hehh, so much thanks to say. But the most considerable is, THANKS to be my babe! Hehh. Besides that, lil girl, I hope you can sing out loud when we're sing K okay? Just let silence be active when you're in library! Hahh! Otherwise, you're so wasting money if you keep quite hehh! Ok, I do love you always, XOXO



Happy sweet 5teen birthday dear. Wish all your dreams can come true hehh! The second time to wish you, don't feel touch okay? Hehh! Erhemm, except wishes in this post, there's other things to do. I've to thank you, my dear. Thanks to be my audience everytime when I'm grieved. Thanks to be my partnes always when we're sing K or whatever hehh! Thanks to give me comments when we're talking about dress up. Thanks to be my everything. Besides, I've also apologize to you. I was hot-temper sometime, sorry if I grizzle on you. I love you always, TanZhenLin XOXO ♥


Saturday, 13 November 2010


Random photo with the new glasses ;)

Just going to update my daily news! :D

#1 I'm going to congrate CKK that FINALLY he get his license. Hehh!

#2 Eventually, I'd cut my long messy fringe. And, I look young now! Pretty awesome.

#3 Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows is going to broadcast on theater next thursday, 18 NOV. Can't wait for it damn seriously!

#4 Mega sales is coming soon, I do believe all the girls are standby to grab any beloved things home!

#5 Two of my dearest's birthday are coming soon hoho!

#6 Ckk is going to face the huge exam monster-SPM, good luck for all form 5 students who will sitting for the test !

#7 Form 4 add math drive me mad! It's hard to imagine the marks of my add math for my high school life! Extremely horror *urggh!

#8 I'm planning what should I buy if I can get a stupendous result for my PMR. Just PLANNING LOL

#9 Erhem, who is using HTC wildlife? My father said he wants to purchase this for me. But I feel so strange to this brand. So I would like to have some instance from my blog readers hehh.

#10 Cough is damn seriously, and it haven't recover yet! I've been tortured by this ! FML

By, momo XOXO

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Snap @ Pacific, cha cha's beside me! :P

Okay, my holiday was started by my own self so I might be an active blogger from now. Currently become a HK drama follower, chasing drama non-stop. Opps, I'm addicted in damn badly! Today was UPSR result announcement day, my lil bro get 2As, my mum is freaking joyful because my bro was totally not in the study spirit before the spacious exam. Thus, mummy daddy were extremely glad that their lil son can get such stupendous result that entirely unexpected. They thought this electronic-boy will get FAIL but fortunately he has pass all of it. Besides, My dear OoiXiaWen and TanZhenLin's birthday are just around the corner, I know they are strongly await for it *or the presents perhaps X]
Apart from that, Today was my honey TehJiaWen's big day!
Happy Birthday my dear :D
Wish you all the best and good luck in your huge exam-SPM. And, I'll be your side always no matter what's happen :) ily ♥

Shut Down, bye! :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

爲什麽 ♥

現在是晚上10點37分 我又再一次的用華語來打部落格 基本上只有難過的時候才會用華語喇 赫赫 *不好笑 :(
我知道你很難過又很傷心 我知道你很心痛 我知道你很不開心我每天看戲就忘記掉你 我知道你很不開心我跟你說讓你一個人 我知道你很不開心

可是爲什麽我要安慰你 爲什麽我不要不開心 爲什麽你可以打籃球就打籃球 爲什麽你可以說不要理我就不要理我 爲什麽你可以不爽我過後又跟我很好 爲什麽你可以
爲什麽你不可以在我們吵架的時候安慰我 爲什麽我不可以想看戲就看戲 爲什麽我不可以不要原諒你 為什麽我每次不想理你的時候還是一直看著電話 爲什麽我不可以傷心 爲什麽我不可以

爲什麽你不知道我也很不開心 爲什麽我就要知道你很不開心

我知道爲什麽 因為我很犯賤 我很犯賤 extremely犯賤

祝你SPM加油 還有 我沒有生氣 真的沒有 你不要不開心 不要傷心了好不好 *看,又犯賤了
bye bye

Friday, 5 November 2010


Nothing was done the life after PMR. I was totally no idea what can I do. Entirely out of idea. I'm waiting TanZhenLin and OoiXiaWen back from their journey! Hellow, my dear girlS you two are so fortunate at least you find a way to make use of the shit holiday! *Urggh. And, EeinnTan you faster come back please! I'm f'kin miss you so damn seriously :'(
Erhemm, Webcam for fun! :D
I know I look immensely ridiculous LOL! *Dont judge me with those silly pictures kay! XD
Off to continue my du xin shen tan! Bye Bye :*