Thursday, 30 December 2010

The meaningful part of holidays.

Hello readers, no omit in my bloggie anymore, at least before the school reopen. Ok, just get in the title, The meaningful part of my holidays. Except play and squander money, in fact i did something meaningful in my holidays. Went for a camp and look after those kids. I know it's unbelieveable for you all, and me too. Even I went to there already 3 years time. Thus, it's time to start my nuance holiday with pix. Ohh yea, fyi. There was two camps, will report about the first camp and only then the second camp.

My group of the first camp, 愿組. Have two lil cuttie in my group, i bet they both are come from rich family. I realise this when I live together with them for 3days 2night. But they are immensely cute!
Me and Erica, she's not my groupmate but she always find me. You just can't to refuse her any requirements!
Opps, com'on let jiejie give you a kiss, hehh!
Cutie Erica again, hehh!
She's my groupmate, and she was a special girl. Very unique one.
The other cutie of my group, but excuse me. She is not the kid I look after but my partner who also carry the job to look after those kids!
愿組 group photo! *It's blur cause the technical problem of the photographer!
Erica again, reluctant to separate with her.
Goodbye Kiss XOXO
One family, make fun together inside the lift HAHH!
Take 2 hahh!
He comes from CHINA, a very good nice funny friendly guy!
He looks cute huh? Yes, he do!
Me and chan boon, you can't to imagine he was just 14!
Jit chuan and me
Amanda and me
My cutie and me. Apart from that, she was also a very good companion to gossip. Deeply miss her now.
He comes from perlis? or Perak? I always can't to bear in mind where he comes from, so sorry man!
BROTHER, hehh!
Our theme, 緣家圓.
Solo *ewww i look fugly and languish.
Okay, second camp turn. This time my group named: 布施
Fyi, our phone and camera were be confiscated for 3days 2nights. So photo will just tell you about the story of the last day. I'm so sorry about that yay!
The photo below narrate about a program of the last night, 感恩夜. The mc talk alot of things that very touch, many peoples were cried. But I'm exceptable ok? Cause I already heard this for many years. They play game with their parents, feed their parents drink. Done everything that we never do at house, the scene was really touch!

Then, our camp was officially end. The photo shoot before all the kids dismiss.
Guess who is in the red circle? Hahh!

Erhem, he has too many nickname around me, lynn and enli. So I just leave this space out and I'm not going to fill his name. You think who he is, then he do HAHH!
Totally out of idea, what are they two doing? Lol.
My groupmates, the non-glasses one will be our school new member next year ! Congrate yay!
Two siao lang agin, LOL.Laugh them LOUDLY!
Me and xiao ma.
Lynn and meijun. Meijun is a very cute friendly girl! Her smile was gracious.
China man with blog owner!
They're completely nausea huh!
Me and shao xiong, he's really a gentleman! Entirely a gentleman.
Chun guang and shui hui *my brother admire her so much! shhhh!
Me and chun guang.
Bosom girl with me.
RenXing, he was same group with me. And also, you can't to imagine he's younger than me! Seriously, he was already a 180cm MAN!
Apart of 布施
Kendo mo with Momo hahh!
愛心媽媽 hehh! *Not my real mummy huh!
He admited that I'm his sister, see what is the consequence HAHH!
Take 2.
This time she was not in the same group with me but we still gossip. So-called no gossip no life HAHH!
A very pretty long hair girl, her smile can melt any peoples. So I cium her HAHH!
I know him since he was 9years old i guess, but now he was already taller than me. Gosh it's unfair!
Chan Boon again HAHH!
Last photo to share, his mouth was really annoying. Hence I use a not-so-ugly flower to cover it, hehh!
A very great time to live together with those guys, Thanks and sorry for the patient if I keep ruffle on you guys. ILY.
Thanks for reading, XOXO.