Saturday, 2 April 2011

Jit Sin Family Day.

Hi readers, yesterday was april fool. Had you been played by anyone? I do. The ladyyeeyee was cheating me that I did not zip my pants. And I was cheated! Haha. But not the main point for today's post. Now I'm going to update about Jit Sin family day. Merentas desa be the most important thing on that day! And it makes me freaking exhausted. Not only me I guess. All of the PS. But anyway, just enjoy it and do better at the next time! After that, I was heading to jusco with friends and we watched a movie, Sucker Punch. Frankly, this movie really sucks. 

 #The sweetest couple! Hehh.

 #Nonono. So Cute. HAHA!

 #Hey, is he acting cute? HAHH!

 #Kenneth Toh, credit to S/Lynn. 

 # 三個臭sakai 輸給一個諸葛亮 哈哈!

 #Lim Kelvin can be the best actor of Oscar already. *TEEHEE!

 #Wkhoon & LimJie.


 #LimYoga, the cutie!

 #Tsze Pei.


 #LadyYeeYee & Suki.
 #Blog Owner w/ JunXing. *Sorry I look so fugly. Lol.

 #Waiting at the bus stop. LimJie was taking my MOMO-RA to capture down the environment. HAHA!

 #We're having our lunch @ McD.

#Playing iPad @ Switch. Captured by Jiashen.

So that's all for my april fool. For Jit Sin Family Day. Thanks for your reading, xoxo.

Sorry is like a band-aid. Just because you use it, doesn’t mean it’s gonna heal the wound. 
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