Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Happy Birthday!

Hey readers! I'm here again. It's an exhausted Wednesday. Drawing the line of the field. Ohh no, chairman is not a such easy place to sit. *HuiJoo I can feel what you feel now!* 

Ok back to the topic. Guess whose birthday I'm going to wish? *TEEHEE! Yea, I heard some sound over there. Is WanYin's. 

So, Happy Birthday for my dear bitch. We knew each other since standard two. Such a massive time for our friendship. Even we had some argue or something unhappy before. But it's over right. The 9 years friendship is not so easy to build it up. I wish that we both will cherish this precious friendship and I also wish that it could be long lasting for our entire life.

Lastly, still that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  


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