Saturday, 16 April 2011


# Life is still moving on, I choose to be happy. No more sadness. I swear.

# Bloody exam is coming soon, wtf am I doing now? No revision at all, OMFG can anyone slap me? LOL

# Sukan Tara is around the corner. I'm so panic! What if I do mistakes? What if I can't to make it perfect? So many what if-s!

# I was just watching The ghosts must be crazy @ Jusco w/ my beloved friends!

# Have to say a huge thanks for my bestie: S/Lynn, Xiawen, Chariya, JoJo, Kelvin, Kenneth, ZhenHooi, KuanYew and WeiZhan for giving me supports when I'm crying like an insane.

#Never change for a guy is my rule. 

#Saving money is the only thing I want to do right now! As K.K.Leong said, No $$? No Talk No Future.

#Is time to change a new school bag! Which brand should I hunt for? Nike or Puma ? Still in the process of considering. 

#When can my BB back to home? I bet she is so lonely and strongly awaiting to go home!

#I gotta sleep now. Otherwise, I will get scold from a dozen of peoples. 


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