Saturday, 9 April 2011


Hey readers! Saturday night *opps it's sunday morning already!* always made my blog mood. That's why I'm here. I was just back from a gathering or maybe a birthday party @ wanyin's haos. Just a small party so that's not much peoples. But anyway, have a nice day w/'em. The dearest one.
And, I was did a special booklet with all of my caring to wanyin as a precious birthday present, I hope she will like it.

 #Sorry, I'm in pajamas. *TEEHEE!

 #9/4/2011, went to wen's haos first before heading to wanyin's house.

 #And then, spent our time @ Lohas. Playing games with her lappie.

 #Reached wanyin's haos @ 7pm sharp. We keep discussing about our dslr.
 #Congrate to JO. Finally you have your own dslr 550d Babe.

 #I look so weird in these two picts. Lol

 #A special bbq, indoor's.

 #After that, sing K is in the must-do-list!

Lastly, Happy Birthday again to wanyin! XOXO.

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