Friday, 24 June 2011


Hello readers! I cam't to switch on my pc while it was weekdays so that's why I can only update at Friday and weekends! Our school held sukan saringan this week. And all the ps was used up their possible effort to make it perfectly. Thanks guys :)

And, guys. Listen to these awesome songs! I pretty sure you will fall in love with'em.

Enjoy your stay, I love you readers xoxo.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Today is papa's day. Even my papa was not around here. But still wanna say HAPPY PAPA'S DAY to my beloved man in my life. A big thanks for him. He spent his life time just to work hard and give us every best things. Yet, he never complain. He did everything for family. Just for his beloved family. My papa is a superman. He's my fully supporter for my every single decision. He protects me from every bad things no matter when I was young, or when I'm already turned to a teenage. He bears anything I like in his mind. And he never delete it. He's my best dad, ever. 

* I'm sorry daddy because I didn't prepare any pressie for you. As no one know you will suddenly come back just to celebrate PAPA's Day with us. I love you, my super daddy 

Good night readers, XOXO!

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Lazy Song

#I miss my hair so damn madly :/

Hello readers. Time flies. One week passed after the holiday. Skipped school today because it was teachers day. And, I felt is no point to go there and hear those uncle and aunties sing or performance. Lol  
Just to share a song with you guys, to describe what my current feel. The lazy song. Absolutely sing what I'm feeling now. Feeling like not doing anything. Just wanna sleep until sun hit ass. That's all for my life. That's all. My results was so sucks! The worst result I ever had. Bloody hell. 

I thought I will be fine, after all. But I'm radically wrong. Nothing is on the right way. All the things around me seems in the err status. I don't know what the fuck is happening now. Friends asked me not to think so much. But how can I don't? The feeling's so ill. I feel so sick. Everyday. I only feel grieved. No more feeling other than that. Everything around me screw me up so fucking badly. TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I'M COMPLETELY LOST NOW.

Have a sweet dream and good night readers, XOXO.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Bye to everything. Holiday is going to the end. I don't wanna go school so badly as I want to sleep 5th to 6th time one day. LOL But, fact is always that merciless to face. Whatever shit. Bye holiday. Hello fucking High School life again. Good luck to you guys, and me.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


I thought it will be a nice day, but it is absolutely not. I've the worst feeling ever, tonight. I lose all the orientation, that I supposed to do. I was awaiting the approaching of that day, but now I wish it never come. It brings nightmare. Absolutely a huge nightmare. Don't give me such a spacious hope, I can't bear it. I'm tired. Tired for pretending like I'm so happy or it doesn't matter. Yet, it do a big matter. It's a tremendous sad case for me. And I really care for it. Will be nothing change after this articles. Nothing gonna change, except the increasing of my sadness. Whatever shit, nothing gonna change. Don't feel like to talk much, good night. xoxo. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Outing Day.

Hi. Gonna blog about the day I hang out with friends to Penang Island. Wake up early in the morning, and then headed to bus stop. I feel that the time i stay in the bus was longer than I stay in my destination. But anyway, just enjoy the moment with friends! So, let pix talk!

 #On the ferry.
 #Does the scene looks a little bit like Gold Coast at Australia? HAHA!

 #They both are like a pair of GAY! *Winks*

 #After that, headed to Gurney BarBQ Plaza for lunch.

I love the day so damn much! Enjoy your stay and good night! XOXO

DamnItsTrue: I love you because I know you're always there, to catch me when I fall, to listen when I need you, there when I feel alone. 

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Hola readers! Blog update again. After I talked about some songs that I love, I would like to introduce about some movies! Zookeeper and X-men first class. So, have anyone watched X-men? Tell me about the movie! Hahh!

I bought myself a pair of new heels. I like it so much! Do you? Haha.

So, holiday always make me become lazier. Idle to move and then I gain weight. That's why I known it as bloody holiday. Gotta force myself to diet, after the holiday. I can't endure my waist become bigger and I can't let my face become fatter. Thus, I gotta rock out my diet plan after this shity holiday. Heading to Penang Island next week! Wish me have fun. Good night. Xoxo.

Ps: I'm missing him now. He's over all my mind. No doubt.

LoveQuotesx: All my problems seem to disappear when I'm with you.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

No title.

Hey readers. A late night post again. Stay up all the nights. And sleep on the days. I have to turn this fucking habit when school reopen. Or else it gonna kill me slowly. So my holiday was empty. Nothing special happened on this week. So, have no update. HAHA. I feel that's nothing special to talk about the day how I rot at house. There are some songs I love! Listen to it! They are nice, no doubt. *Even they are not the latest song, but they are great.* So, currently was addicted with KANG XI LAI LE damn badly. They always earn my laugh! These few days I was worrying about something, or I should say is CONSIDERING. But whatever, I hope I'm right. I wish I do. Gimme some cheer please! God bless me. Don't make me feel regret about what I'd choose what I'd done.

ps: I can't to sleep well these few days, because I really have no idea what should I do :/

Quote from Bang Cyrus : Think before you hate on people. You never know what they go through.