Sunday, 5 June 2011


Hola readers! Blog update again. After I talked about some songs that I love, I would like to introduce about some movies! Zookeeper and X-men first class. So, have anyone watched X-men? Tell me about the movie! Hahh!

I bought myself a pair of new heels. I like it so much! Do you? Haha.

So, holiday always make me become lazier. Idle to move and then I gain weight. That's why I known it as bloody holiday. Gotta force myself to diet, after the holiday. I can't endure my waist become bigger and I can't let my face become fatter. Thus, I gotta rock out my diet plan after this shity holiday. Heading to Penang Island next week! Wish me have fun. Good night. Xoxo.

Ps: I'm missing him now. He's over all my mind. No doubt.

LoveQuotesx: All my problems seem to disappear when I'm with you.

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