Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hello readers, time to update my blog again. My title of today article is HELLO, especially for Lim Kelvin who is a new student that come to 4C1. But fyi, he is just transfer class from sc to com but not the new student that comes from other school. Hehh! And also have to say a belated hello to Kelly Khoo who comes from Union. Okay, firstly. LIMKELVIN welcome to 4C1, the suck class ever. Lol.

Besides, KELLYKHOO, welcome to JSHS, the dour school ever. Lol. It's great to meet you in the first day i went to school. I rmbr that you stand behind me when the first day assembly. In fact, that time we're talking about you in front. Hehh! We guess that you are coming to our class and I feel hyper glad because I thought that I will have a new "tablemate". But it's a huge sad case for me after I knew that you are actually going to 4S4. Anyway it's nothing! Because fortunately that You are going a class with ms.linlin and it will also get us become closer! I wish that we can merry you and will not let you feel alone when you are studying at here. Lastly, thanks to be our friend yay! XOXO.

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