Tuesday, 30 August 2011


A pretty nice song, you guys should pay it a hear. I was hanging out just now with the loves one. No photos to share cause I didn't take much. *massive apologize* Watched overheard2 and what I got is, overheard 1 is much more better. Besides, BIG thank you to MR.WENG KOH for being girls' companion today. 

Counting down 16 days more to The Vampire Diaries Season 3! OMFG, I'm so eager to watch it.
For those who watched it, and who those wish that Damon will be with Elena. This season will make you surprise and taken you aback!
Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait..... *whispering to myself*

Done a late night post, wish you guys will have a good time! XO.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Holiday 1

Hi readers, is the time to blog again. I realized how long time I didn't update my blog so, here I am. Went to pacific yesterday, with those loves. Watched a horror movie, and freaked me out. Final Destination 5, bloody hell. 
#Outfit of the day.

#Watched BEAST while wanyin's having her brunch. @Swenz.

 #Not cute at all, please *TEEHEE*

 #Killed time with wanyin's iPhone. @McD.

 #Waiting those artist. Thanks to the foolish weather, our body were wet like a G6 *LOL*

 #JYM. The emcee and the singer.


 #She sang while Jym did. Lol.
 #Played game with the fans. They said this auntie looks like zhen feng mei, LMAO.

 #OMFG, Can you take off your hand please? I mean, zhen feng mei. HAHA!

 #Xiawen and the JYM.
 #A very cute Auntie Loo and the Jym.
 #Amy with Auntie Loo's grandchild.
 #He make up. He did!!!! OMG*

Went to Queensbay today with family. Auntie was fetching us with her new car, Altis. She insanely loves her new car and paid RM9 for the parking fee. It sounds crazy! Friday as Lunch. And shop around. Before we went back, met EeInn and Xiawen, accidentally. Richard's top taste cafe as dinner, strongly recommended "Oriental Chicken Chop" ! It is so fabulous.
 #Glasses from London. 
 #The brand new debt for her, haha!

 #Lunch! *Nom Nom*

 #This is so great! But I can't remember what is its name, the name is too long *GEE*

 #Uncle's Girlf. Comes from China. She's so friendly and is a great talker!

Please Wait for the upcoming post! Good night, xoxo.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Good evening readers, or maybe good morning. It is a frustrated midnight for me. No one could understand, how was the soreness he did to me. But I can't tell him cause, officially, he's a victim too. I guess people are wondering if they are the person who I'm mentioning in my article. Stop guessing readers, if you behave like this, then you are. If you're not, then don't be a busy body. I can't stand it any longer, slut. Do you know what's the feeling when your boy friend is trying to help the other girl, And, he never meant to do so for you. It drives me mad. So please, Don't try to convince me for accepting any bitches to be my friend. I don't buy that. 

Undeniable, I'm absolutely not a generous girl. So please, JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME. I don't need you in my life. As well as your friends who like to intervene to everything that's radically none of their business. 

Good luck, to me. 

Good night to you, readers. XO

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sunday, 7 August 2011


#Current twitter display picture .

Good afternoon Sunday. Gonna do some random update due to my sudden-inspiration. So, I believe many of you know what's MeiTu XiuXiu. Yea, it's a photo editor. But, recently, the editor offers a lot of functions which can provide beauty effect. Many people want to make themselves look prettier, so they used these effects. Yet, some of them are not using it but ill-using. Cause they modify their photos until you can't recognize'em. So, do you think it's call pretty, adorable? Sorry, for me is not, radically not. I downloaded the application, and try to modify my pictures with it. That's what I've done. 

Yes, you only can use "scary" to describe on it. So girls, don't misuse it please. 

I'm going to rock down the Seoul Garden later, finally can meet up with AlvinWong! How long time we didn't meet? Yea, you better achieve what had you promise me yesterday! HAHA!

Gotta off for preparing, byebye! xoxo.