Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July ♥

Hello readers. Finally the exam was play off. And also an adequate time for me to update my blog. This time I was making a lil bit more effort on the class test, so my results are not that meager like last time. *Thanks god*
Last Saturday, I attended Kwang Hwa Cup with friends. It's a perfect match, but it is very unfortunately to say that we failed to reelected to get champions. But anyway, our players played a well game. And congratulations to SMK Bagan Jaya who took the champion trophy. Saturday night, St.Anne. This year was not that glorious as last year, but we were still enjoying lah! *laugh*

 #Team of SMK Bagan Jaya.

 #Why kv looked so emo? Lol.
 #Underwear Superman actually looks cute. Lol

 #When the match was going to start!

 #Xiawen's brother. We were having our dinner @ libra.
 #St.Anne church.

 #Underwear Superman.

Sunday, early in the morning. We went to dian xin cheng for breakfast. And bumped into YongZheng'em accidentally. After that, me and xiawen went to Queensbay for shopping. And, I was bankrupt so seriously thanks to those huge fabulous sales. 

I had a memorable weekends, I wish you enjoyed your weekends too. Good night world.
ps:/ I miss HIM  ♥ xoxo.

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