Sunday, 7 August 2011


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Good afternoon Sunday. Gonna do some random update due to my sudden-inspiration. So, I believe many of you know what's MeiTu XiuXiu. Yea, it's a photo editor. But, recently, the editor offers a lot of functions which can provide beauty effect. Many people want to make themselves look prettier, so they used these effects. Yet, some of them are not using it but ill-using. Cause they modify their photos until you can't recognize'em. So, do you think it's call pretty, adorable? Sorry, for me is not, radically not. I downloaded the application, and try to modify my pictures with it. That's what I've done. 

Yes, you only can use "scary" to describe on it. So girls, don't misuse it please. 

I'm going to rock down the Seoul Garden later, finally can meet up with AlvinWong! How long time we didn't meet? Yea, you better achieve what had you promise me yesterday! HAHA!

Gotta off for preparing, byebye! xoxo.

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