Friday, 21 January 2011

Slim your thigh!

Keep Fit.

Hello peeps, it's time to blogging huh. Tmrw should have school but I decide to skip it. I need rest! Hoho, anyway thanks mum to permit me. So cny is around the corner yay, and I'm just like a child. I feel exhilarate for the fireworks, for the TUANYUANFAN, for the ANGPAU, for the gatherings. Hmmp, so my post will be all about the trim of cny. What does it means? It means what about cny clothe that I'd mentioned in my last post, or means about the matter to keep fit, means what shoes are being the trend in this cny and so on. Today I have to talk over about how to keep fit. I think this is the most topic around girls and also an agony for most of the females huh! So, lets start it!

Firstly, we start from down, calf be the first.

· 隨時練習的瘦小腿運動習



1. 坐在椅子約1/3處 腳尖置於高起的平臺上,腳跟儘量向下壓。

2. 接著踮腳,小腿用力,腳跟儘量提高,并快速重複這套動作。



2.上半身往下壓 直到可以試著用手掌碰到地面

Next, thigh.


1. 坐直上身 小腹收緊

2. 2條大腿用力夾緊 大腿與小腿成90度 不限時間 累了就放鬆 然後再來

3. 當覺得大腿很累 就是有效了

ps:/ The video above is related with this.

Okay, then waist turn.


1. SIT UP.


3. 注意坐姿



1. 趴在地上,雙手放在肩膀下方,手肘貼著地面,雙腿放鬆併攏貼地,吸氣預備

2. 臀部收復夾緊 再用手肘將上半身撐起,是肩膀及胸部離開地面,動作中維持肩膀穩定部聳肩,視線向上看去 伸展腹部肌群

Hmmp, thats all for today.
I'm so exhausted, have to sleep. Bye! XOXO

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


*ignore me, i look so fucking ugly. Lol.
Hi readers, blogging time again. I had neglected my bloggie for a couple of weeks. Do I? Think so. Today is a very harsh day for me. But I'm not going to say anything here, because there is nothing worth to say about it. Okay, so I will first talk about vogue today. Why? Because cny is coming soon and so many peoples are vexing about their new year clothe. So I would like to do some introduction here as a reference for you guys who is still puzzling about your new year clothe.

# you can try some casual look with simple NIKE shirt. I'm currently enamored with it.

#New arrivlas from Forever21, feel to grab all of it home! *ps:/ I have just upload apart of it only.

#DKNY, casual but gorgeaous look.

Ok skip that. I would like to use mandarin for my next topic.

親愛的陳禎霖 我不知道你現在有什麽感覺 *因為你沒有回我信息 哈* 但是無論如何 請你永遠記得 我們是好姐妹 有什麽事情 都別隱瞞 有什麽事情 我們一起擔當 有什麽事情 我們一起解決 想哭的時候 我們的肩膀永遠都屬於你 想笑的時候 我們的笑聲也可以送給你 想吃的時候 我們可以一起吃得痛快 不管什麽事情 我希望 我們姐妹 可以幫到你 希望你永遠快樂 我愛你 <3

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Hello readers, time to update my blog again. My title of today article is HELLO, especially for Lim Kelvin who is a new student that come to 4C1. But fyi, he is just transfer class from sc to com but not the new student that comes from other school. Hehh! And also have to say a belated hello to Kelly Khoo who comes from Union. Okay, firstly. LIMKELVIN welcome to 4C1, the suck class ever. Lol.

Besides, KELLYKHOO, welcome to JSHS, the dour school ever. Lol. It's great to meet you in the first day i went to school. I rmbr that you stand behind me when the first day assembly. In fact, that time we're talking about you in front. Hehh! We guess that you are coming to our class and I feel hyper glad because I thought that I will have a new "tablemate". But it's a huge sad case for me after I knew that you are actually going to 4S4. Anyway it's nothing! Because fortunately that You are going a class with ms.linlin and it will also get us become closer! I wish that we can merry you and will not let you feel alone when you are studying at here. Lastly, thanks to be our friend yay! XOXO.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Birthday wish :)

Happy birthday to Ms.ShumYeteng.
The very first time to be her classmate. This make us getting more closer. Hehh! It's very glad to be your friend even sometime you are so quiet! I wish that we will not be the last in our class and also wish you can marry with your dream man before the world BOOM! Hahh! Lastly, still the same one: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! XOXO

Saturday, 8 January 2011

random :)

#Fyi, this is my idiot brother. His schoolmates told me that he was handsome, I were totally not think so!
I just get my Canon 1000D yesterday. Can You imagine how glad I were? I can barely stand when I get it, just gonna faint. Happy until faint, LMAO. Okay I will show you some picts about it. And, the picture above is captured by this brand new pet. What name should I give it? MOMO-RA? Hahh! Ok, call it MOMO-RA please. Hehh! And, also have to show you all about the other present of my well-done result from my parents, Blackberry curve 9300.

peee/s: The pictures of mine is all in non-lenses, so it was freakin' horror. Lol.

Thanks for reading, XOXO

Thursday, 6 January 2011


我要用笑容面對每一天 和你們大家在一起的每一天;
我知道我只是別人的影子 或許連影子都不如

但是很謝謝你 曾經對著我唱過一小段歌詞 我不知道那時你心裡想著誰 但是 我只知道你是對著我唱的 那也很好了

我是很堅強的發春毛 我很瀟灑 :D

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

School reopen!

Hola readers, late to update about my first day and the day before school reopen, because I'd already start my tuition since yesterday. First class pressure me, a lot ! Err, I'm going to tell you guys about the day I went for hair cut. Seriously, I feel to tears. Just like the moment when I'm going to primary school and my aunt chop my hair from my waist until under-ears length. But I didn't because I know I have to face the truth, JITSIN is a merciless school, thoroughly cruel. The displine teachers are ruthless when they are cutting your hair without hesitation, no doubt.
#Chopping, bye hairs :'(

#Sister helped me to snap it, my hair look so short like mushroom, LOL

#New pencil case, zebra!

#New school bag, CK.

#Start tuition, and start school life. Bye holidays, i miss it lotsa! Sob.

Just random, thanks for reading. Bye, XOXO

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!

It's a new year again, and I'm offcially 16 now! Even birthday still leave me far. I wish all my dream can come and wish for you all too ! I'm late to type this article cause now is already reach the second day of 2011, time flies!! They are lightning, absolutely. Lol. Kay, enjoy 2011 peeps! Good night, XOXO.