Saturday, 8 January 2011

random :)

#Fyi, this is my idiot brother. His schoolmates told me that he was handsome, I were totally not think so!
I just get my Canon 1000D yesterday. Can You imagine how glad I were? I can barely stand when I get it, just gonna faint. Happy until faint, LMAO. Okay I will show you some picts about it. And, the picture above is captured by this brand new pet. What name should I give it? MOMO-RA? Hahh! Ok, call it MOMO-RA please. Hehh! And, also have to show you all about the other present of my well-done result from my parents, Blackberry curve 9300.

peee/s: The pictures of mine is all in non-lenses, so it was freakin' horror. Lol.

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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