Tuesday, 4 January 2011

School reopen!

Hola readers, late to update about my first day and the day before school reopen, because I'd already start my tuition since yesterday. First class pressure me, a lot ! Err, I'm going to tell you guys about the day I went for hair cut. Seriously, I feel to tears. Just like the moment when I'm going to primary school and my aunt chop my hair from my waist until under-ears length. But I didn't because I know I have to face the truth, JITSIN is a merciless school, thoroughly cruel. The displine teachers are ruthless when they are cutting your hair without hesitation, no doubt.
#Chopping, bye hairs :'(

#Sister helped me to snap it, my hair look so short like mushroom, LOL

#New pencil case, zebra!

#New school bag, CK.

#Start tuition, and start school life. Bye holidays, i miss it lotsa! Sob.

Just random, thanks for reading. Bye, XOXO