Friday, 21 January 2011

Keep Fit.

Hello peeps, it's time to blogging huh. Tmrw should have school but I decide to skip it. I need rest! Hoho, anyway thanks mum to permit me. So cny is around the corner yay, and I'm just like a child. I feel exhilarate for the fireworks, for the TUANYUANFAN, for the ANGPAU, for the gatherings. Hmmp, so my post will be all about the trim of cny. What does it means? It means what about cny clothe that I'd mentioned in my last post, or means about the matter to keep fit, means what shoes are being the trend in this cny and so on. Today I have to talk over about how to keep fit. I think this is the most topic around girls and also an agony for most of the females huh! So, lets start it!

Firstly, we start from down, calf be the first.

· 隨時練習的瘦小腿運動習



1. 坐在椅子約1/3處 腳尖置於高起的平臺上,腳跟儘量向下壓。

2. 接著踮腳,小腿用力,腳跟儘量提高,并快速重複這套動作。



2.上半身往下壓 直到可以試著用手掌碰到地面

Next, thigh.


1. 坐直上身 小腹收緊

2. 2條大腿用力夾緊 大腿與小腿成90度 不限時間 累了就放鬆 然後再來

3. 當覺得大腿很累 就是有效了

ps:/ The video above is related with this.

Okay, then waist turn.


1. SIT UP.


3. 注意坐姿



1. 趴在地上,雙手放在肩膀下方,手肘貼著地面,雙腿放鬆併攏貼地,吸氣預備

2. 臀部收復夾緊 再用手肘將上半身撐起,是肩膀及胸部離開地面,動作中維持肩膀穩定部聳肩,視線向上看去 伸展腹部肌群

Hmmp, thats all for today.
I'm so exhausted, have to sleep. Bye! XOXO

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