Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hatyai Trip.

Hello people I'm here again for the updating! I'm going to talk about My family vacation of 2011 in Hatyai, Thailand. Woke up early in the morning, and our van came to fetch us then here we go! Reached there after a lot of customs' things safely! Firstly not check in first, but went to the big market and SHOPPING first! Haha. Got myself a pair of slippers, Fake one and I don't know what it calls only know it starts with B hehe. Get myself a lot of bags too! And a sun glasses. After that, check in! Chilling at the hotel for awhile and headed to some tourist attractions. Kinda boring but still captured a lot of photos. *grin*

Took our dinner at Tesco Lotus. My dishes was kinda nice but bro's was....... not so nice la mom said it was because we don't used to eat their sauce. So thank god I ordered a sort of nice meal for myself. Then after that got ourselves a cone of ice cream. It was shoooooo fucking amazing. GELATE FTW! Then have a small shop around our hotel and get weng khew and traysom some souvenirs! Back to hotal after supper.  Leng Chi Kang at Thailand was totally same with us. No difference at all. But they got more type of fruits inside. *slurp slurp*

Before we go, took this in front of my house!

My eyes can't really open cause....

I'd got a bak chiam!!! :(

We took a slight stop when we reached at the border of Thailand and Malaysia.

Customs. They were slow, very slow!

Mommy Ng's face can be a new troll face. Haha.

We reached, THAILAND!

View of the big market!

We known it as: Incredible christmas tree. Haha.

At the kind of souvenir shop. Bought a lot of snacks!


Their uniform! Y WE NO WEAR LIKE THIS?

This is so nice! Just MYR1 for one plate. 

Shopaholic's time. They bought 3 bags in this stall. WOAH!

And I bought myself a sun glasses! Kinda GA-GA right? Haha *slap*

 The front of the market. Remember it and go for it when you go to Hatyai.

We girls in the car and headed to lunch!

Took those picture when we're on the way to lunch. They even wear heels to school? WAH!!

Boy's school uniform! They're so good to wear their socks to so high level!

Lunch time. The TOMYAM was so fabulous !!!!!


The amazing Tomyam, slurp!

Our hotel! Not very nice, sigh.

The lobby. That time was so empty YET. 

Our room! Three girls in one room *grin*

Nothing to do so we SNAP SNAP SNAP.

Hou Yeng ah! *pui*

View of the central. 

Reached our destination. Sort of auntie's paradise. Lol 


My turn! #likeaboss.

Foggy view of Hatyai!

Mom and daddy Ng. Take 1.

Take 2.

All the Zodiac! I was not putting them in the right order hehe!

Pig's mine! WOOOO.

It was so good actually. Stood there and let us took photo without barking or any big moves. 

I like this! hehe xo.

She likes to be my background! Haha. 

The cable car. But we didn't took it cause it costs us each person MYR20. LOL

Make a wish! I made a lot of wishes. Zz

Foggy view again! Hatyai. 

Normal expression. 

Shocking expression. Haha.

He's sooner to be taller than me! Hell yeah!

Look so real right?!!! They were just made up by kind of wax!

I was walking like a BOSS.






The cubit is so cute huh? Hehe. 

We also want one! Haha.

So cold.... in Hatyai city huh? #LMAO

Family photo.

What am I going to do? ..... 

Dance!!? But I'm the beauty and she's the beast Haha.

I tried to steal the biggest present. Ok I know I was just like a moron. 

Their university, so nice so big!

This building was made up by steel, all STEEL! So they called it as steel tower.

The lower inner part of the tower.

The stairs! It led us to the upper inner part.

Me and daddy Ng. Is he just... acting cute? Haha.


The ferrero flavor! 

New clothe for my BB!

Kind of night market. Bought some souvenirs at here!



That's my first day at Hatyai. Stay tuned for more, xo!