Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Journey 3.

Hello people! Here we go for the third and the forth day of my KL trip. So they planned to swim at the morning but anyway, plan ruined cause we all are sleepy head! No one can wake up. We actually wanted to call a taxi and drove us straight to KL central but OK FINE no Taxi could stop for us then plan changed again. We walked to Giza for brunch. The Wong Kok taste so nice haha maybe we were starving!

15th Dec. We got ourselves a taxi after that and fetch us to KL central. Then after those transport things, finally we reached TIME SQUARE at 3pm. Khew keep yelling that he want to play the roller coaster but everyone ignored him, haha. And finally, he didn't get what he actually want to do. Shop shop shop get myself 8 pieces of stuffs in few hours. MONEY, WHY YOU GO SO EASILY :(

Back at 6pm. Monorail was squeezing like WTF. And a Negro lady used her SUPER LARGE breast to squeeze me. How horror is it. OMG. But thank god Traysom still had me even none of them can see me after that. PETITE, YOU SUCKS! WHY I NO HIGHER? :( Traffic Jam all around the KL city. CAR, WHY YOU NO FLY :( Had our dinner at a malay store. The TOMYAM taste so amazing, fabulous! CHOK die people. But still strongly recommended. MUST TRY! Shop around Giza so that Wanyin can get something for FRIEND? Haha. Back to home and gambling again. And that's how our last night went through.

16th Dec. The last day in KL. Woke up early in the morning, WHY? Cause they don't wanna missed out the last chance to swim anymore! I can't figure out how excited was it because I was PMS and I do not know how to swim! Slept beside the swimming pool when they're warming up in the gym room.

Then, Wanyin's coussie came to take us to Brunch at a Nyonya shop. The decoration of the shop was so nice! After that, time to say bye bye. Back to the mainland after 5 hours. And, now, I'm starting miss the life like that, with friends. I MISS YOU GUYS 

While waiting them to bath! I mean, him. The slowest one. Haha. 

Wanyin said this post is not gonna be ugly no matter how you capture. True? What do you think? Haha.
They were discussing about the taxi. We're starving on that time! 

This can be the profile picture, right? Nah, he didn't take our advice! Haha. Regret ma!!
Brunch @ Wong Kok. 
 Act Cute. Tsk.
Real cute. Tsk. HAHA.

My brunch. SHOOO NICE!
 Wanyin's dish. She recommended this much! 

What a face!! Haha.
At the taxi! Hoho. 
At the monorail. Wanyin with Khew. 
Blogger and Traysom!
Act yeng. VERY FUNNY. Haha. 
He doesn't know to choose time!! I was talking when he took this ;( (But Khew did prepared! Haha)
Wanyin, Khew, Traysom. 
This can actually be the profile picture too. Haha. CHOK la. 
Kiwi Longchamp. Bahaha. 
While waiting Wanyin to test her shoes. Mirror is always useful. Tsk. 
 We should actually capture ourselves with the hat but the auto focus work wrongly and it focus the wrong thing!! Sigh. 

Ok la good guy. Thanks for helping me to carry bags :3
 Raining that time but we don't understand why he wanted to walk without the roof. Haha. 

I wonder why am I looked so languish!! 

 Choosing present for her special friend? Haha. 

LMAO. I also forget when I took this already :3

 This thing is so fun! Haha. 
My eyes always presented reddish after I took off my lens!! WHY :(
Supper time. Haha. People in the house all NUA.  

Free time after supper. Nothing to do so FB.
Last day! I can't really open my eyes in the morning. Single eye lid! Why :(

Haha I was wearing his boxer. Shhhh!

My swimming pool. Yes, MINE! No la. Tsk.
Ok just make fun hehe.
Raped? Haha. Just kidding. 
Girl's stuffs. In a mess. 

 The place we used to bath for 4 days. Insecure at all. Haha no privacy. 
Time to say goodbye to our toilet bowl. Haha :3
 Main point is not him but the hair dryer. Haha.

 Girls like to take photo in the toilet. WHY? No idea. 
Ignore my face la. * Bed we used to sleep! 
 Bye bye everything :(

Let me introduce you a wonderful place for jogging. Haha! Jog at there then try to attract someone's attention! How fabulous! 

SUI KUAN. Haha. 
Pale plus languish face. My advice, don't stay up too late every night :<

I want this house!! Wonder that the owner have child? Haha. 
Brunch time! On the way. 
 The decorations are pretty nice. Unique and warm. 

I think it probably was the most elegant photo that I ever had. Haha. 

Guess what he's saying? Haha. Liang Teh Sum.
No one can live without PHONE, No one can!
Wanyin with the lovely coussie.

Oh Ohh Ohhh time to say goodbye ;(

On the bus. Back to the mainland! 
Sleeping beauty? OUT! Is sleeping Khew Bi! Haha. 

That's my journey with friends at KL! Wish to get more chance like this with friends! Miss them so badly :( 
Signing off, XO.

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