Monday, 19 December 2011

Journey 2.

Hey people. Gotta update my blog about the second day of KL trip when I'm still in the mood. Laziness is soon to occupy me.

14th Dec. Went to One Utama after done all the routines. First station to stop is STICKY to fulfill Khew's craving! Then shopped around and get cotton on and F21s' super cheap stuffs! After all, asked wanyin's cousin for fetching us to The Garden for lunch and continue to shop at Mid Valley! Crazy sales at Mango and we were one of them for grabbing UTTER CHEAP stuffs.

Took our dinner at Wen Hua Xuan Da Fan Dian. So grand! Big thank you to wanyin's coussie. After all, headed back to Traysom's house and had our embellishing time! Gambling for punishments! Haha. What I gotta say is they've missed out me for those punishments, thank god!

#Early in the morning, while waiting wanyin bath! Still with my pajamas. Hehe.

#One of my eye was REDDISH! So scary :(

#After all done, here we go!

#Chilling at Tutti Frutti because we're tired!! 

#The noob photographer took this when I'm not ready yet! Haha.

#Ok, serious one. hehe.

#Hey, lil poney.

#Boys like my case. WHY? 

#If we don't make fun, we ain't ourselves! Haha.

#Heading to The Garden.

#How cute huh? Haha you can never guess his age cause he looks so young!

#We plan to have our lunch at here but then we changed our destination to ...

 HERE! Strongly recommended! VERY NICE :D

 #Our drinks! 

#How sweet is the decoration! I love it so much. And I think every girls will do!

#Biggest tick I ever seen. Haha.

#The decoration in Mid Valley is so charming and unique! 

#Spot the Spongy. It LMAO!

#Second round of frozen yogurt. Moo Cow. The tissue looks cute and wanyin brought it home zz haha.


#Hello boss! Haha.

#Raining KL :(

#Then I know what boys do when they got nothing to do. They pumping ._.

 #Boss of tetris? HAHAHA. (You know I know)

 #He's going to kill me if he saw this! Haha.

#He Smile when I said don't smile. And I smile when he said don't. MO QI = ZERO.

#Mask time! Beauty isn't available for girls only nowadays! 

#Nah I'm going to get murder because of these photos! Haha.

#None of us can sit properly! Tsk. 

So, the third day is coming soon! I'm hurrying myself! Have a nice day, xo.

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