Monday, 19 December 2011

Journey 1.

Hello people. Finally I have the spirit to update my blog about the KL trip! Early in the morning of 13th Dec, Khew's mother fetch us to the bus station and that's our journey started! Reached there after a lot of rubs. Headed to Traysom's house by taxi but the taxi really NO USE. Brought us to the wrong place!! But anyway, thanks to everyone who fetch us when we're in trouble!

After putting our luggage, met EeInn be the priority of all the schedules. Went to Sungei Wang by public transportS. A lot of it that I can't say their name, cause I seriously don't know how to classify them. So, start our first shopping station at there with squandering $$$$$ and finally get 7 pieces of clothes in 3 hours time.

#A piece of mess of my bag! 

#Sleeping wanyin. Haha.

#Sleeping Khew!

#Always be awaken blogger! Hehe.

#On the way to Traysom's house. 

#Views of the house. So nice isn't it? Hehe.

#Waiting! Cost us years at here.

 #on the KTM, or whatever thing. Haha.

#Having our dinner! Except wanyin's meal. All of our meal were like wasting money. zz

#Walked to Pavillion for getting STICKY but failed. Btw, decoration of Pavillion is super-duper nice!

#Pattern banyak.

#First try of SNOWFLAKE! 

#Back home by monorail!

#Ke Zhao Nan. Haha.

#Tidy up our clothes!

#Chit-chat over the night. *GRIN*

That's all for the first day, Wait for the second day! Good night people :D

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