Sunday, 25 December 2011

She's back.

Outfit of the day. Kinda weird. Lower part like boy but upper part like girl. Hehe. 

Hi blog people! I'm finally back from Than Hsiang camp and then now I can blog! So she's back as my title and obviously everyone know who's back! Yes, EeInn Tan was coming to town. Haha. She's going back tonight or tomorrow morning. How sad :(

So here we go straight to the main point. First outing with this Fatty boom boom was Queensbay and Pesta! It has been a long time I didn't visit to Pesta since the stalls of Malay increase rapidly. Lol.

Reached QB and straight to our belated lunch cause all of us were starving !! After that headed to SING K. Boys were like wild cat ._. Sing like nobody business. You can easily heard our voice once you stepped into Neway. Haha. Afterwards we went to pesta! Firstly, me, EeInn, Xiawen, Weng, Khew played the octopus (we known it as octopus cause we don't know what it called hehe) And we played the scissors. Left me and Weng and hell yeah it fucking freak me out !!! I shouted like kill pig ZZzz Last one, We played the X-coaster. Super waste $$ . Don't play it if you are going.

Supper. Tomyam Mee!!! Woah you gotta give it a shot cause it is perfectly AMAZING! Then, we back. Daddy rang the phone and CHENG me like hell zz

Don't ask about my face, I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG !

Wanyin's house first before we GO!

Hi I miss her!! Gotta meet her on 31st! 

Lunch time! Pizza Hut, no choice. 

iPhone Gang!!! Ok I DIAM. 

We girls! XO. Take One.

Take TWO!

K time. Woah!

Here we go to pesta!

 Blogger and weng! Kinda long time didn't meet him :(

PESTA!!! Woah we're just like kiddo!

Going back after supper. Spot him!! He acted cute right behind me! Haha.

Nice outing with my girls and friends! Stay tuned for the up coming post! XO. 

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