Monday, 5 December 2011


Hi people. How are you doing today? Another bored day for me. As a very good kid and daughter in the house, I told my mom that I want to clean up my bedroom. Less than a second, my mom give me a response that was already in my expectation.


Yes, so I can't let her to look down on me! But what I gotta say is after a few minutes I undergo my job, I rather to looked down by her. Cause there's a lot of messy stuffs in my room!! Or I say, in my wardrobe that I always reluctant to let my maid for cleaning them cause she always put my stuffs in those small little places that I will never notice. Shoes, bags, glasses, jewelries.... all driven me crazy and dabbled me in a superb messy situation!!

#I was a ribbon lover, I WAS!

#A part of shoes that I used to wear. Hao xi zai hou tou :(

After I put my shoes in a very nice order, my mom told me something which beat me down to the bottom again :" eh you still have over ten pair of shoes in the other wardrobe, go and clean la" Seriously, I made a shocking face and refused it.

I swear to the god I won't buy shoes anymore. Lol
I think someday if I have a chance to take prizes the first person that I will thank to is my maid, :" I have a load of people to thank! But the very first person I must feel grateful to her, that's my maid, who helped me to clean my wardrobe! " Lol Lol Lol.

End up post with one hit song for me!

Good night people :)

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