Saturday, 16 October 2010

Updated ;)

I know I'm late but it's the time to say goodbye to PMR. I clear all the things of it and recycle it just now. How gay I feel ! ;D I'm starting my holiday myself but as a good student, I'll attend to school next monday! To who is missing me. Hahh!
Wednesday, I was going to auto city and having dinner with TangWanYin @ WinterWarmer :)We bought a ribbon for ourselves. This was my first activity on my holiday! So photo time ;D
I look so dark like a .. Malay? LOL
Then, have a date with RaymondLam @ Queensbay on friday :)
Meet SiewYee and Alvin. Still, HuiTing. The one who called me to wear donald duck but I didnt *heeee ;D
Me and Alvin very busy to find a place for capture down all the action of Raymond! But seem not so success :P
After that, I go to the second floor then I can snap HIM very clearly. I'm so high spirit!
And, TehJiaWen you put me an aeroplane, watch out! Hahh! I want you acc me to Queensbay for thousand times after your monster exam! C:
Then, show time.

Off, bye & good night. ♥

Pee/s :More for Raymond, view my facebook!/album.php?aid=44141&id=100000502587287

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  1. 你是不是爱上他了???~~~