Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Detachment :(

The form5 guys are going to graduate after a few hours. The time fly so speedy, like a lightning. Come speedy go rapidly. Just like happen in one second. I'm so glad to know you guys. So cheerful. That's a short but precious time with you all :) Yea, they sang a song called-祝福 when they were having their rehearsal. It really tears me. So damn fucking badly. " 傷離別;離別雖然在眼前" *Shooooo!

Opps, you've no permit to forget this, ALVINWONG! X(Ohh yea, who can ever forget him? The cutie and the one always bully me. We both hate the feeling. Very much! Alvin, I'm so glad to know you. Good luck and all the best! :) *although you really tear me when we're chatting on msn! :'(
Besides that, My CKK. Frankly, I'm going to miss him lots! Much and much :( It's really grieved huh. Damn it. I really hate this.
Still, so many of you. Honestly, sometime i get puzzled of you all's names. But this time, no more. Keep in my mind hardly! :(
Good Luck to all Form5 boys and girls! :)

Stop bloggin! Shut Down. Bye and good night :(

I'm going to have a no-good night :(


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  2. 看来我的英文真的是需要补救了~~~~