Friday, 25 February 2011

Birthday wish

As what you saw from my title, I'm going to post an article today to wish somebody HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Yea, if you are one of us. You surely know that today was birthday of ELSON NYIOH. Okay, Me and Kelvin PPS was did a adorable present for him. I wish you like it, sincerely. HAHH. 
So, Elson. I wish you will have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish all your dreams can come true!
Lastly, B team captain, HAPPY BIRTHDAY & WE LOVE YOU * WAHAHAH ! :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Concert of JSPO.

Date: 19/2/11
Time: Almost the whole day time.
Venue: School, Dewan Sri Penang, 1st Avenue.

Hello readers, How did you make use of your Saturday? I was spending my Saturday with friends for the concert of JSPO. It's an awesome night. So just let the pix talk about it!
#On the way. 
#Current FB profile pict.
 #He's act cute-ing.
 # KPPS!
 # The most handsome in the universe. JC.
 # The couple.
 #Non-stop gambling.

 #We reached there at 5pm. For sure, we wont give up any chance to shoot photo!

 #After awhile, they decided to go to McD for dinner. We walked for 2km per hour. No doubt, by foot. Thus my toes is injured seriously nao!

 #When we're having dinner @ oldtown, Jared and Jiashen bought me this due to their kindness. 
 #Jared Ong, Handsome guy from  CLB. *No more from JSHS. Lol
 #The blog owner.

 #In the taxi. On the way back to dewan sri penang.
 #Sweetie JOJOsephine.
 # Tsze pei.
 #Show is going to start !
 #Cutie, Yizhia.

 #Chun chet look so fair HAHA!
 #Both of them cant to put up with my flashlight.Hehh!

 #Look pro huh Kelvin!

 #Spot the guy, eddux.
 #My sweetheartS!

That's a wonderful night with friends! Thanks for reading.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine.

Hi dear readers, it's valentine today. So how you celebrate it with your companion or friends? I wish you have a great valentine. Wish you all have a HAPPY VALENTINE!

Peee/s: A big thank you to Jia Shen, thanks to give me a huge surprise. Hahh, ok I will marry you.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


嗨 親愛的讀者 今天我要用華語來update我的bloggie
因為我很久沒有用華語這個東西勒 幾乎寫不出東西來
所以如果你覺得我的華語很好笑 請你偷偷地笑就好了 赫赫
以上的video是一首 超好聽的歌 by 符瓊音 你們全部一定要聽 我包你們會愛上這首歌 哈

很久沒哭了 說真的 很久了 當然我也不想哭喇 傻咩
但是 如果想哭 就要大大聲的哭出來 不要收在心裡
爲什麽我這樣說呢 因為最近的跳樓案真的多到 不勝枚舉 *不知道成語用到對不對 哈
好多人 都是因為 感情的問題 所以去跳樓的
但是 說實話 有需要嗎
對於女生來說 男生不應該是全部吧 男生只不過是種點綴 點綴我們的生活
或者 只是一個過客 別把他們看得太重 傷心難過的 最後還是自己
因為 男生不管到了幾歲 還是很有市場
女生卻不一樣 只要我們上了年紀 就什麽市場都沒有了 所以 看得開一點吧
世界是不公平的 所以我們的生活才會精彩 如果 世界 是很公平的
那麼我們的生活 不是變到很悶去咯 對不對 把不公平當做小小的享受 不要凡事都往壞的方面想
世界其實很美好 赫
跳樓 能解決到什麽問題嗎 難道你死了以後 就真的什麽事也沒有了嗎 才不是
倒不如你自己留下來 讓自己解決問題 讓自己學會堅強
以後 挺起胸膛 走到那個男的面前 吐他口水 然後走掉 不是更威水?
如果你就這樣死了 他只是會覺得自己很偉大 可以讓一個女生為他而死
我呸 他根本不值得我們為他這樣
不管男生或女生 請大家記住 死 是不能解決問題的 雖然總有一天大家都要死 但是 爲什麽你就不能等到那一天呢
你覺得自己很可憐 其實還有人比我們還可憐 但是 人嘛 就是得空沒有事做 喜歡羡慕別人
我就是其中一個 哈
但不管怎樣都好 其實 我們 都該學會 知足常樂 喇.

心情不好的時候 我喜歡跟我的狗狗講話 我會問她們 : 你快樂嗎
她們每次都只是靜靜地看著我 我就會說 : 如果你快樂 那麼 換我來當你一天好不好
我雖然不知道 她們會給我什麽答案 但是 我希望她們是快樂的 因為 有我們一家人
她們 也是我們的一家人
我不明白做么有人可以虐待自己的狗狗 很變態你懂嗎
最近很流行虐待動物 我想說 如果你要養他們 他們就是你的責任
他們就是你的家人 不要隨隨便便把他們丟棄 拿他們來虐待
這種行為 很KNS!

好樂 很晚了 是時候睡覺了 晚安

ps:/ 誰有去音樂會? 留言給我唄 :D

Monday, 7 February 2011

It's my bunny year.

Hola readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai. It's time to update my bloggie about my bunny year. So as usual and also as normal, heading to granny's house at chu xi ye. And then having reunion dinner.

#They're calling to the uncle who were not coming back at UK.

#My daddy mommy and brother.

#Aunt with grandfather.
#Granny's house.

#The only entertainment.

Chor yat, rotting at home -> Jusco -> gao ong ia. Using the whole day computer and after that, no one can endure anymore so we decide to go to jusco for movie but unfortunately, tickets are all sold out! After that, we're going to gao ong ia for a visit.

#Gao ong ia.

Choy yee, all the relatives of mom side pay a visit to our house. Had a dozen of angpau that day. And we're going to JUSCO again to watch homecoming then.

Chor sam, stuffy day again. Asked aunt bring me out. So, i spent my day at auto city, secret recipe. After that, went to sunway.

#My aunt. She looks young!
#Lil moron bro.

Chor sei, last day of holidays. I dont know why the minister gave us a lil bit holidays ONLY! Can't do anything okay!? But whatever, I spent my day with Suchee, Arrwen and Jojosephine @ jusco for two movies. (Mr.&Mrs. incredible and All's well end's well)

#Suchee and jojosephine.
#Arrwen, and suchee.
#That's my mom.

Thanks for the read! XOXO

ps:/ JSHS is become a temple very SOON.