Monday, 7 February 2011

It's my bunny year.

Hola readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai. It's time to update my bloggie about my bunny year. So as usual and also as normal, heading to granny's house at chu xi ye. And then having reunion dinner.

#They're calling to the uncle who were not coming back at UK.

#My daddy mommy and brother.

#Aunt with grandfather.
#Granny's house.

#The only entertainment.

Chor yat, rotting at home -> Jusco -> gao ong ia. Using the whole day computer and after that, no one can endure anymore so we decide to go to jusco for movie but unfortunately, tickets are all sold out! After that, we're going to gao ong ia for a visit.

#Gao ong ia.

Choy yee, all the relatives of mom side pay a visit to our house. Had a dozen of angpau that day. And we're going to JUSCO again to watch homecoming then.

Chor sam, stuffy day again. Asked aunt bring me out. So, i spent my day at auto city, secret recipe. After that, went to sunway.

#My aunt. She looks young!
#Lil moron bro.

Chor sei, last day of holidays. I dont know why the minister gave us a lil bit holidays ONLY! Can't do anything okay!? But whatever, I spent my day with Suchee, Arrwen and Jojosephine @ jusco for two movies. (Mr.&Mrs. incredible and All's well end's well)

#Suchee and jojosephine.
#Arrwen, and suchee.
#That's my mom.

Thanks for the read! XOXO

ps:/ JSHS is become a temple very SOON.

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