Saturday, 30 April 2011

weekly update.

Hello readers! Sorry for neglecting my blog. 25th-27th of April was handball competition, BM zone. The spacious sun darken me. So I look like a malay now. *Stop laughing me!* And then I knew some Malay's friends. They're cute and friendly. 

30/4 EeInn was back from KL! We went sunway to meet her. It's so glad to see her because I really very miss her!! But we just took a lil bit photos only. Rush of time. Watched 關雲長. Not a well movie for me because I don't know about the story of 三國演義. But luckily, Lynn was beside me and keep telling about the story hehe! 

  #We won't miss any chance to make fun ! HAHA!

 #I always look tiny when I was beside her. LOL.
#Thanks Alvin for being our driver.

Just a short post! Enjoy your stay, xoxo.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


#Current FB profile picture.

Hey good evening readers. *Or good morning?* Whatever. Hehe I was just changed my blog header. Did a blog header was spending me a life time. LOL.

Today I am going to introduce a latest nice song to you all. 愚人的國度 by 孫燕姿. A very very nice song and I was currently addicted with it! And, those lyrics are so meaningful!

Check this out! Hehe.



愛是愚人的國度 看我們演的好辛苦
是你所謂的領悟 我不懂我不哭
來 你能不能再重複 讓我懂讓我哭
再讓時間停住 把自己看清楚
不必再說假如 我穿過一地荒蕪
愛是愚人的國度 不能自拔不懂退出
愛是自愚愚人演出 答案清楚才能謝幕
劇情 是笑 是哭

愛是愚人的國度 看我們演的好辛苦
是你所謂的領悟 我不懂我不哭
來 你能不能再重複 讓我懂讓我哭
再讓時間停住 把自己看清楚
不必再說假如 我穿過一地荒蕪
愛是愚人的國度 不能自拔不懂退出
我們都回不去最初 曾美麗但還是不滿足
愛是自愚愚人演出 答案清楚才能謝幕
劇情 是笑 是哭
(愛是愚人的國度 不能自拔不懂退出)
我們都回不去最初 怎麼愛還是不滿足
愛是自愚愚人演出 答案清楚才能謝幕
結局 是笑 是哭

Wish you guys will have a pretty weekend! Good night.


Friday, 22 April 2011

The ten things that I want to do with HIM.

Hello readers, have a sudden inspiration and a very well mood to blog about the ten things that I want to do with HIM. 'Him' is just an unknown, don't misunderstand please. I'm not hinting anyone but just a random post. *TEEEHEE!

1. I've no any dear wishes, but just some simple's. I wish to buy groceries with my boyf in a super market. Is it weird? Haha, but I really do wish so.

2. I want to go to a beach with my boyf. A simple dating but full of meaning.

3. I wish to share an umbrella with him when it's raining.

4. I want he hugs me from the back when I didn't noticed.

5. But, so sorry no HOLD HAND for me. I just can't accept it. For unreasonable.

6. I wish he can carry me on his back when I'm tired. Without complaining.

7. Hmmp, feel to snap some photographies with my boyf. Some romantic's or some funny's ...

8. I wish he could hug me up, from the land. And, tell me. "Hey, you are heavier!" It sounds bad, but frankly, it's sweet.

9. Gimme comforting when I'm upset. Just a simple hug but it gains a lot of meanings. And, he will also makes me laugh like child. No harassments.

10. Kiss? I didn't mentioned about it right? Haha! Not much to wish so but, if we both are still normal, this action is not gonna miss out then.

Just a very random post. But I wish you enjoy your stay ya!

ps: Exam is just around the corner, WTF! Can anyone wake me up from internet? Isshh*

Saturday, 16 April 2011


# Life is still moving on, I choose to be happy. No more sadness. I swear.

# Bloody exam is coming soon, wtf am I doing now? No revision at all, OMFG can anyone slap me? LOL

# Sukan Tara is around the corner. I'm so panic! What if I do mistakes? What if I can't to make it perfect? So many what if-s!

# I was just watching The ghosts must be crazy @ Jusco w/ my beloved friends!

# Have to say a huge thanks for my bestie: S/Lynn, Xiawen, Chariya, JoJo, Kelvin, Kenneth, ZhenHooi, KuanYew and WeiZhan for giving me supports when I'm crying like an insane.

#Never change for a guy is my rule. 

#Saving money is the only thing I want to do right now! As K.K.Leong said, No $$? No Talk No Future.

#Is time to change a new school bag! Which brand should I hunt for? Nike or Puma ? Still in the process of considering. 

#When can my BB back to home? I bet she is so lonely and strongly awaiting to go home!

#I gotta sleep now. Otherwise, I will get scold from a dozen of peoples. 


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

華語篇 ♥

嗨 讀者 (Hi, readers.) HAHA! 今天我決定用話語來表訴我的心聲 赫 不要不習慣阿 我的華語水平已經漸漸的在退步中 真是paiseh.

Firstly, 我必須聲明 我是一個敢愛敢恨的人我做事情大多數都是沒有經過頭腦的 所以 當我回過神來的時候 我覺得我做錯了 我會向你道歉 不管你接不接收 那是一種禮貌 你不接受的話 那是你風度的問題 但是 sebaliknya, 我覺得我沒有做錯的話 我沒有必要向你道歉 這不是我風度的問題 是原則.

張小嫻說過 她不會喜歡一個喜歡她 她卻不喜歡的人 但是 她更加不可能 會喜歡上一個 不喜歡她的人 她說這是自虐 我贊成 很贊成.

我喜歡自由 我不能失去自由 沒有自由 比 沒有錢 還要辛苦 沒有自由 比 沒有初夜 還要掙扎 自由是我的本錢 是我的全部 你不可以剝奪我自由的權利 不管你是誰. 都沒有權利.
你沒有權利 阻止 我和任何一個人很親昵 沒有權利阻止我 想要打幾個耳洞 你沒有權利阻止我 不想讀書的情緒 誰都沒有 別傻了 沒有例外. 所以 不交男朋友 只是 爲了你好 :D

人生就像一場戲 我們都是演員 都是戲子 當我卸下武裝 我是一個人的好嗎 說這句話的意思 並不是爲了暗示誰 我現在一個人不堪寂寞 而是在 明示一個人 我現在正在享受寂寞 不需要有人打破我的寂靜.

不管和誰 有什麽 身體上和親密的接觸 我都可以接受 因為可能我的男性荷爾蒙太多 總覺得 沒什麼大不了的 但是如果你不能接受 ? 那麼就關眼睛吧 別看 因為 你只有權力關上你的眼睛 你只有權力在我背後說我壞話 你沒有權利當面說我 你沒有權利 阻止我.

我的哥兒們很多 你不能接受 我也沒辦法 我也知道我的權利極限去到哪裡. 我不能強逼你接受 什麽.

別束縛我 我並沒有束縛著你 因為 我沒有剝奪你任何權利 所以你也不可以 我們是朋友 比朋友多一點 但是 比情侶還少一點.

唉 我還是比較適合 做修女 .

打完這篇文章后 我還是會若無其事 因為 我就是這種人 今天的事 今天過了就算了 我不知道你怎樣想 但是 請 順其自然

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Hey readers! Saturday night *opps it's sunday morning already!* always made my blog mood. That's why I'm here. I was just back from a gathering or maybe a birthday party @ wanyin's haos. Just a small party so that's not much peoples. But anyway, have a nice day w/'em. The dearest one.
And, I was did a special booklet with all of my caring to wanyin as a precious birthday present, I hope she will like it.

 #Sorry, I'm in pajamas. *TEEHEE!

 #9/4/2011, went to wen's haos first before heading to wanyin's house.

 #And then, spent our time @ Lohas. Playing games with her lappie.

 #Reached wanyin's haos @ 7pm sharp. We keep discussing about our dslr.
 #Congrate to JO. Finally you have your own dslr 550d Babe.

 #I look so weird in these two picts. Lol

 #A special bbq, indoor's.

 #After that, sing K is in the must-do-list!

Lastly, Happy Birthday again to wanyin! XOXO.