Saturday, 30 April 2011

weekly update.

Hello readers! Sorry for neglecting my blog. 25th-27th of April was handball competition, BM zone. The spacious sun darken me. So I look like a malay now. *Stop laughing me!* And then I knew some Malay's friends. They're cute and friendly. 

30/4 EeInn was back from KL! We went sunway to meet her. It's so glad to see her because I really very miss her!! But we just took a lil bit photos only. Rush of time. Watched 關雲長. Not a well movie for me because I don't know about the story of 三國演義. But luckily, Lynn was beside me and keep telling about the story hehe! 

  #We won't miss any chance to make fun ! HAHA!

 #I always look tiny when I was beside her. LOL.
#Thanks Alvin for being our driver.

Just a short post! Enjoy your stay, xoxo.

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