Friday, 20 May 2011


Hi, long time no see. I'd neglect my bloggie for quite a long times. Okay, due to the approaching of examination, I'd been force to do so. But seems it's a Friday night, and I shouldn't waste it right? Hah! Just finding an excuse for me to online lah! Fyi, I was dead in this time exam. Completely.

I was feeling unwell this few days. Any aspects. Physically, emotionally. I was sick for a few days. Used three packs of tissues when I was having history and economy test. 

From the other aspect, I can be described as SICK too. I'm sick for being like this. I thought I can feel like nobody's business. I thought I can act like doesn't matter. I forgot, that I can't. Sometimes, I feel like to rush to the seaside, and shouted. I miss you. I really do. XO

Going to watch this fucking awesome movie after the exam! Johnny Depp, wait for me! 

ps:/ I love you more than I can say.

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