Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hello readers, due to some unknown problem I can't to sign in to my blog. But now is fixed already so that's why I am here to update my blog about my pretty holiday!

So I was skipped school when the last day for schooling. Rotting at house and then went to xiawen's house. After that, headed to Lohas, our favorite shop. And as routine of Friday, night market for sure. 

Saturday 28/5/11
Headed to Auto City for a date with Linda Chung. She's so tall and slim. I wish to have her body shape. Haha! 

 *Damn, I started miss her!*

Monday 30/5/11
Went to penang with aunt, brother, grandpa and coussie. Shop Shop Shop but due to lacking of cash so I can't fully get thing that I want. But is ok because I'm going to QB again next week with friends! Heh.

Continue follow up with my blog if you wanna know more about my holiday!
Good night readers, xoxo.

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