Saturday, 4 June 2011

No title.

Hey readers. A late night post again. Stay up all the nights. And sleep on the days. I have to turn this fucking habit when school reopen. Or else it gonna kill me slowly. So my holiday was empty. Nothing special happened on this week. So, have no update. HAHA. I feel that's nothing special to talk about the day how I rot at house. There are some songs I love! Listen to it! They are nice, no doubt. *Even they are not the latest song, but they are great.* So, currently was addicted with KANG XI LAI LE damn badly. They always earn my laugh! These few days I was worrying about something, or I should say is CONSIDERING. But whatever, I hope I'm right. I wish I do. Gimme some cheer please! God bless me. Don't make me feel regret about what I'd choose what I'd done.

ps: I can't to sleep well these few days, because I really have no idea what should I do :/

Quote from Bang Cyrus : Think before you hate on people. You never know what they go through.

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