Friday, 17 June 2011

The Lazy Song

#I miss my hair so damn madly :/

Hello readers. Time flies. One week passed after the holiday. Skipped school today because it was teachers day. And, I felt is no point to go there and hear those uncle and aunties sing or performance. Lol  
Just to share a song with you guys, to describe what my current feel. The lazy song. Absolutely sing what I'm feeling now. Feeling like not doing anything. Just wanna sleep until sun hit ass. That's all for my life. That's all. My results was so sucks! The worst result I ever had. Bloody hell. 

I thought I will be fine, after all. But I'm radically wrong. Nothing is on the right way. All the things around me seems in the err status. I don't know what the fuck is happening now. Friends asked me not to think so much. But how can I don't? The feeling's so ill. I feel so sick. Everyday. I only feel grieved. No more feeling other than that. Everything around me screw me up so fucking badly. TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I'M COMPLETELY LOST NOW.

Have a sweet dream and good night readers, XOXO.

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