Friday, 22 April 2011

The ten things that I want to do with HIM.

Hello readers, have a sudden inspiration and a very well mood to blog about the ten things that I want to do with HIM. 'Him' is just an unknown, don't misunderstand please. I'm not hinting anyone but just a random post. *TEEEHEE!

1. I've no any dear wishes, but just some simple's. I wish to buy groceries with my boyf in a super market. Is it weird? Haha, but I really do wish so.

2. I want to go to a beach with my boyf. A simple dating but full of meaning.

3. I wish to share an umbrella with him when it's raining.

4. I want he hugs me from the back when I didn't noticed.

5. But, so sorry no HOLD HAND for me. I just can't accept it. For unreasonable.

6. I wish he can carry me on his back when I'm tired. Without complaining.

7. Hmmp, feel to snap some photographies with my boyf. Some romantic's or some funny's ...

8. I wish he could hug me up, from the land. And, tell me. "Hey, you are heavier!" It sounds bad, but frankly, it's sweet.

9. Gimme comforting when I'm upset. Just a simple hug but it gains a lot of meanings. And, he will also makes me laugh like child. No harassments.

10. Kiss? I didn't mentioned about it right? Haha! Not much to wish so but, if we both are still normal, this action is not gonna miss out then.

Just a very random post. But I wish you enjoy your stay ya!

ps: Exam is just around the corner, WTF! Can anyone wake me up from internet? Isshh*

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