Thursday, 11 November 2010


Snap @ Pacific, cha cha's beside me! :P

Okay, my holiday was started by my own self so I might be an active blogger from now. Currently become a HK drama follower, chasing drama non-stop. Opps, I'm addicted in damn badly! Today was UPSR result announcement day, my lil bro get 2As, my mum is freaking joyful because my bro was totally not in the study spirit before the spacious exam. Thus, mummy daddy were extremely glad that their lil son can get such stupendous result that entirely unexpected. They thought this electronic-boy will get FAIL but fortunately he has pass all of it. Besides, My dear OoiXiaWen and TanZhenLin's birthday are just around the corner, I know they are strongly await for it *or the presents perhaps X]
Apart from that, Today was my honey TehJiaWen's big day!
Happy Birthday my dear :D
Wish you all the best and good luck in your huge exam-SPM. And, I'll be your side always no matter what's happen :) ily ♥

Shut Down, bye! :)

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