Wednesday, 1 December 2010

weekly updated

Hola my readers, my house streamyx was ill so I'd been force to neglected my blog for a couple of days, maybe more. So as my title this post is going to have a weekly update. My last post was mentioned that I will update about the marathon, hence i might take the marathon day as the start. Frankly, I'm not so bear in mind about what was happen, because it was once upon a time. Lol#Going to penang island at night with lin.
# we're reach.
# Toilet time.
# Gambling, while we're waiting for the movie.
# Story: Jared was a beggar, and ah joo donate rm50 for him. YuenHui was just co-star. Hahh!
# My number, capture this when we're resting at coffee bean.
# Do spot the love not the guy, hahh!
# I guess the time was 3am while we're chatting shit, hoho!
# Tidy up my hair, messy like wtf!
# After we finish running, lets 'cheese' !
# They're act cool, but it looks more ridiculous! Hahh.
# Waiting so hard for PIZZA HUT! that's our emotion, ╭(╯^╰)╮ hahh!
# She said, blur is one kind of arts, hahh! lmao.
# That's our beg, we looks more like going to travel.
# This is our 'gao ge'. Hahh!
# If you don't understand what 'people mountain people sea' means, look here!
# I'm queen of gamble *pui!
# Guess who is he? Hahh!
# Do. Re. Mi
# Do. Re. Mi. Fa
# Do. Re. Mi. Fa. So
# Finally, pizza hut was starting opearate!
# Do you know what thery are? Gay, ther're. lol!
# He has a sweet smile! *pui! hehh!
# Went to singK for 'mengisi masa lapang' ! hehh!
# My souvenier! hahh!
Next story will be JYM or RYNN day @sunway. It will be less photo story, because I'm idle!
# Jym, wen's beloved.
# I'm tiny, but spot me! Because I'm the blog owner, hahh!
# OoiXiaWen, Jym背後的女人. She's behind him! Hahh!
# Rynn and Jym.
Then, I was watching Rapunzel @ sunway again today. A not-so-bad cartoon.

# The movie makes me think about this photo, hahh!

Ps:/ I love my daddy, ever.

Bye readers, XOXO.

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  1. 不错不错~~~算是有胆量去跑那一次~~~