Saturday, 4 December 2010


#Oufit of that day, simple and drab.Lol

Yesterday, I was went to pacific with sister for a whole day. From 12pm untill 930pm, that's called one-day-travel at pacific, but it's totally better than rot at house like an idiot.

#On the way.

#While waiting for the movie start, we sit at the corner of 'rest n go'.

Fyi, she's my partner and she dislike to wear lens for no-reason.Lol
We're watch BruceLee, My brother for our first movie. It's so awesome! I love the actor who execute as Bruce. He's so handsome, extremely. But gosh, why he was a muslim? Yea, that's why we say no one was perfect *sigh. I like him still, hehh! Then take our lunch at MCD, a fast food day. It gain weight! I dislike it, but for saving cost, it's entirely a needed. After that, watched Rapunzel again. This time was 3D. Sister said she never watch 3D, me too. Thus just give it a try. Frankly, I think that's nothing special. Lol. Lastly, was dinner time. Pizza Hut. OMFG, fast food again. I have to on diet for a massive time because of my meal! In addition, I saw Jared, AhPan, JiaChuin, AhSim and KelvinLim there. Hahh!

bye. XOXO!

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