Friday, 3 December 2010


#I'm wearing my pajamas, last year marathon t-shirt Lol.

Just a random post, will not neglect my blog for no-reason. I'd just create a page on facebook. The reason was ridiculous, I'm indolent to click "accpect" one by one. Page makes me conveniet, hahh! You just can fuck me off.Lol. Currently addicted with 'no regret' , it was so awesome! Waiting for the approach of NARNIA, because I believe that it will be a splendid movie, i wish it won't make me despair, it won't. Besides, CKK is going to end up his exam, await the denouement for such a massive time, i means me. Why? because I've no hang out and rot at home for nothing to do! I'm stuffy like hell, damn it. Thus, i'm strongly await. Strongly. Immensely. Extremely.Lol.

Gonna end up my post, have fun! XOXO
And, good night.

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