Thursday, 17 March 2011

Holidat Pt.3

Okay continue to blog about my holiday. It's the third part. I was spent the day 15/3 with my sweethearts again @ Suway Carnival Mall. Firstly, we were planned to reach there at 1230 but because of some accident so we delayed until 4 pm. But it's okay, the important thing is just to spent all the days with EeInn. We reached there for some shopping and then take our dinner at Sushi King. And, very fortunate, the time we ate was also the happy hour so we got 20% discount for the sushi. Hahh! Then, we take a rest at starbuck while waiting the coming of a handsome guy, Jared. After all, we back home at 7 with a waja which contain 6 peoples behind, no doubt. Is six. 
#My outfit of that day. HAHA
#EeInn. the insane's.
 #Non-stop laughing. Nothing can change her attitude. She's so nature.
#We love to do anything weird, hehe!
#Say cheeese!
#And, something happen on that day, make all of us down.
#My hair look so long huh? Just Optical illusion.

#Sweethearts! *Lynn. you please no absent anymore ok!
#We both can be America Next Top Model, hehe!
#Dinner Time.
#Spot the Malay, she can speak mandarin! *One Malysia huh.

#Plate of happy hour * TEEHEE!

#And then, Jared was come to met up with us.

Thanks for reading yay! XOXO. I wish you guys will also have a gorgeous holiday!

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